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No, based on research and common sense. I didn't even read the past few pages. Also, the points made here are pretty logical. If what causes major brain injury is impossible to prevent except for more time and/ or distance for the brain to decelerate then a pillow is honestly more useful than a helmet. As long as the pillow is thicker than the foam in the helmet. If helmets get thicker foam then it would make sense to wear one. In that case though you would look ridiculous and it would be bulky. I could be wrong, but the brain hitting the skull is the basis of all brain injury. Helmets right now don't prevent this on a level that is noticeably different than anything else on your head.
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Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
wow you guys are awesome, two joints it took me to get thru this thread
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I wear a helmet most of the time and look like a bellend in it. because of this I like to convince others on forums that they should wear them and look like a bellend too. That way we can all be bellends together and i'll feel more comfortable with my own decisions
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haha, I dont look that bad I think my helmets probably saved me from more from being twated on the back of the head on lifts more than anything.

For me personally its more a habit, I've spent years riding the UK domes where they make you wear a helmet on park nights. Taking it off now i'm in the mountains when its comofortable, warm and might offer protection one day just seems stupid.
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I wear a helmet at the time of my choice. You can roger yourself and spawn ginger children if you don't like it.

This is usually if I am riding with friends and we're going to be pushing our individual limits, when the mountain is loaded with people and there is the risk of a "board to head" clash, or when there is an abundance of rocks showing on the trails. Because you know what...thats the only thing that my helmet "might" protect me from. Other than that, I wear one of my stylish crochet beanies.

Thinking that a helmet is going to stop any form of concussion is plain retarded. You only have to look to the abundance of professional riders in recent times that have "come off wrong" and it caused them blood clots & cardiac arrest, or to be a burden on the hospital system for however many years (you can turn it into a media fest the day that you go back and first start riding....not you and me specifically, no one wants to see that shit, I mean the pros).

Had a friend a few years ago come of a jump in NZ and bump his head, had a bit of a head ache, coma'd and wasn't back at work for a year. When he did finally come back, he was...well, he certainly wasn't the same guy that I knew. A week later he had fit while in the water at a beach as was gone. He wasn't wearing a lid the day he went off of the jump, but knowing him, it wouldn't have mattered anyways.

Bottom line, when you brain is clanging around on the inside if your skull...your Smith Maze with top mounted pompom and skull candy ear pad inserts, or what ever, isn't going to do shit. Anyone that tells you different is clueless.

Pro or Con helmet, what this all comes down to is "the judging". You shouldn't judge others, least the flying spaghetti monster judge you.
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I have been snowboarding for almost 25 years and I don't even own a helmet. I used to wear a helmet at Skate-parks when I was younger just because they made me. I always hated em. I have never hit my head snowboarding, but last year I had a really close encounter with a rock at Kirkwood. I was just cruising along in some fresh powder when my board got caught on a hidden rock. It just stopped and flung me face first into the snow. My right arm hit a rock and it really hurt. Luckily my head just hit powder, but if I had been 6 inches over, my arm would have been my head. I don't know if it would have been a concussion, but I probably would have needed stitches.

Since that experience I have been really considering getting a helmet. That's why I was on this forum, looking for helmet recommendations and such. Also, I hope to get my sons on a board soon, and would like them to start with helmets, so maybe I should be the "good" example.

Not really excited about wearing one though.
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I don't wear a certified helmet but wear a multi-impact "hard hat" and I'm convinced it protects better against concussion than EPS crap helmets. Hooked my edge yesterday doing a 3 on a volcano feature and landed in the flats directly on my back which caused my head snap back extremely hard. Probably would have been at least a day ender had I not been wearing the hard hat.
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I wear one because it doesn't bother me and is warm and usually hats don't keep me too warm / get wet because I fall. And since it doesn't bother me may as well err on the safe side. If it bothered me then maybe I'd think differently though.
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Did anyone here notice that every single rider at the Supernatural event wore a helmet? I guess we'll be seeing at least one upcoming video with helmets on pros. The article I saw said every rider "chose" to wear a helmet. It didn't say it was manditory, but it probably was I would think

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I'm not going to read through this entire thread so forgive me if I've repeated something. There is a vid with girls riding - "let's make better mistakes tomorrow" or something like that . The girls aren't wearing helmets and there's one shot of a girl hitting her bare head on the pavement.

Fucking ridiculous that they aren't wearing helmets.
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