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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
Snowboarding for me is kind of zen. While I'm on the mountain I'm not thinking about work or the mortgage or house repairs. When I'm on the board I'm thinking about keeping the board on the snow and my face off the snow . When I'm on the lift I'm planning my next run. For a few hours, I have no stress.
+1 for me... It's one of the few things that totally takes my mind away from anything else. I guess in the beginning it was fun (I started when I was 11, 19 years ago) and some of my friends did it too. It was also a family thing, my dad and I would take trips together.

Now it's just something that makes me love winter. Why else would you want a season to come around with 7 hours of daylight, freezing cold, etc.? Snowboarding.

For that moment when you're tearing it up beside the lift and somebody shouts at your to cheer you on.

For that mid-mountain pause when you're catching your breath, and you look around at the mountains and wonder what the poor people are doing... realizing you are truly rich.

To be able to watch your girlfriend tackle a hill that would have scared the shit out of her the year before, and now she goes balls to the wall through the trees and has a blast.

It's just a religious kinda thing I guess.

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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
No no, you guys are supposed to be flaming teh OP...what kind of hippy free lovin no haircut havin nonsense is goin on around here!?>!?!
This is why...

Originally Posted by SJ10 View Post
This is an interesting question and one I think about often.
talking about snowboarding? Oh, the pain. (oh wait. That IS talking about snowboarding )

Coffee is your friend. Everyone else is an acquaintance.
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Originally Posted by LuckyHanmer View Post
Hi everyone,

Im in the last few weeks of my degree in sports coaching and my main body of work is based around Motivation in Snowboarding.
Last few weeks and NOW you go asking? If you've only just started researching now your fucked

Originally Posted by LuckyHanmer View Post
Hi everyone,
I need to ask you all what Motivates you to snowboard?? If your just starting or a seasoned pro I need to try to grasp what keeps you motivated. If you are a good rider try to think back to when you started and you fell over more time than you can remember. Why did you keep going?? What kept you getting up??

E.G I Snowboard because because I love the enjoyment of it and there is a chance I could make it my career.
When I started my best mate could already snowboard so I felt I needed to follow suit and keep doing it. Plus id paid for the holiday.

Any answers would help me. Thanks. x
For fucks sake, it's fun as shit. It's a no brainer.
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i do it cuz i think the outfits are super dooper...
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I do it for street cred. Stop feeding this damn troll.
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Powder is the only motivator for many.

Making a perfect turn in pow, or a slash at 45 mph, just about does it for me as one of the top 5 best things, ever, in life.
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snowboarding gets girls
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Originally Posted by Sick-Pow View Post
Powder is the only motivator for many.

Making a perfect turn in pow, or a slash at 45 mph, just about does it for me as one of the top 5 best things, ever, in life.
Slashing pow and getting faceshots is truly divine
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I'll take a crack...

When I was little my aunts/uncles have always went skiing and I always thought it sounded fun. My older brother was able to go but I was still too young. As the years went by the desire to go built up. When I was finally able to go my aunts/uncles were no longer going. When something becomes inaccessible it always becomes more desired. Years went by and I found a love for adventure sports such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, (etc...) and the ZEN that it brought. At the same time I acquired a burning hatred for high temperatures. I live in Houston, TX where the temperatures is 85F at midnight and up to 110F at 4PM with 100% humidity during the summers. These temperatures prevented me from doing what I love doing. Eventually, I found my other half who also enjoyed adventure sports. This made me love it even more. By the time we went skiing for the first time I was in heaven. It was everything I had hope it to be. It was a climax. When I didn't think it could get better it got much better when I switched to snowboarding. After a story's climax there is usually a slowdown (the snowboard learning curve). When it all clicked I had a 2nd "climax". This one better than the first. So snowboarding to me is something that I love to do, with the one person that I am closest to, at the temperatures that gives me energy, at some of the most adventurous places.

What keeps me motivated? It's the chase for the next Zen or climax moment. When I form the nicest carve and spray the sky with snow. When I did my first 5 foot jump and nailed it. When i'm at the top of Heavenly ski resort overlooking the lake on one side and the great planes on the other. When We get lucky and get a good powder day.
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If you want some more answers you might wanna do the video thing, but believe it or not there are some nice people in the world.

As far as your question. I think the linking aspect that attracts everyone is that it's really a personal sport. It's the only thing that is whatever you choice. In hockey there is a clear goal. In motocross it's about winning. With snowboarding it's whatever you want, where ever you want. It's the freedom that attracts people. Even at a resort it's a free open world for you to explore and do something no one else has ever done. That's why people don't do competitions for fun. It's putting restrictions on a sport based on freedom.

Granted this is just the general thing that I think everyone thinks, but there are millions of other reasons people do it.
Originally Posted by 2hipp4u View Post
Im all for having fun, showing your tits and getting fucked up on a river float but it can be done without being a pig.
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