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KIRKRIDER 11-02-2012 11:55 AM

Carbon Fiber......Sled.

Carbon fiber is the choice material for fast vehicles of all types - from track-only race cars, to stunning concept cars, to ultralight bicycles and, apparently, to snow sleds. The Snolo Stealth-X is a high-performance carbon fiber sled for powder hounds that want to get their snow thrills sitting down.

Now who of you wants "their snow thrills sitting down."? :laugh:

Sledding grows up, with the Snolo carbon fiber sled

Justin 11-02-2012 11:29 PM

maybe ppl that have lost both arms and can't balance any more?:dunno:

timmytard 11-03-2012 01:09 AM

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My buddy Kevin, would push that thing to its limits.

Here is his home-made bomber.

He had the board specially made, I don't know who did it.

It's fucking horrible though, he's a big boy & it's a 155 super narrow board, & doesn't have rocker anywhere in it.
In person it looks like a super short twinned out race ski:thumbsdown:

It hurts me, to watch him eat shit. You haven't seen a yard sale until you've seen a paraplegic yard sale!!:eek:

He never boarded back in the day, so this is all new to him.

I've been telling him that he needs a way wider & longer board & definitely some sort of rocker. It needs to be based off his mounting system though.
Kinda hard to figure out what profile would be the best.:dunno:

Then I saw the Signal "every third Thursday" build about the wheelchair.
I've never heard of anybody else building this sort of thing, I was really excited to talk to them.
I wrote them, in hopes that I could get some more details about the build.
Wanted to know if they had any ideas on what profile might work the best.
They're completely different designs, but They have to have a least a little more knowledge on the subject than Kev & I?:dunno: You'd think?:dunno:

Unfortunately, they never bothered to reply back.:thumbsdown::(

@ least I never mentioned it to Kevin. I'd hate to have to tell him that they didn't reply.

Anyone know of a cooler snowboard company willing to punch Kev's stats into the camber profile simulation machine & see what it spits out? If it was just that easy.

Or even all you guys, what do you think the best profile would be, based off the way it mounts?

I have a few different ideas, it's too bad I can't just build them to see which one actually works better.

1. Flat with massive rocker in the nose & a bit it the tail.

2. Rocker directly under the mount with camber in the nose & tail.

3. Camber with massive rocker in the nose & a bit it the tail.

Any input @ all would be appreciated.


KIRKRIDER 11-09-2012 10:20 AM

Good point. Didn't think about it.


Originally Posted by Justin (Post 533893)
maybe ppl that have lost both arms and can't balance any more?:dunno:

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