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Sounds like we were all rockin' the Kemper 165 @ about the same time?

The ole ski boot liners in the Sorels were the cats ass back then.

I know where a mint Kemper 165 is right now too, looks brand new.
I stashed it just encase.

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My first board was a Ride Timeless. I still miss that thing even if it's just hanging on my wall. I had a borrowed morrow board before that to learn on. It got stuck on snow even when waxed, basically no edges. And was slow as heck. While my friends were having fun on bumps in the snow I was getting launched off to hell. Every little bump made me twitchy and was so hard on my legs. Everyone else was wondering why I was just landing on my ass when they would be able to ride over those same bumps.

It definitely made me a better ride as the season went on, learned to hold and edge and keep my knees bent. Learned how to absorb bumps and really carve down the mountain. Learning curve was definitely different for me and my buddies.

I would still suggest a 'new' person to have a softer board initially though. It'll make learning easier/less painful. And it won't leave them as frustrated. But if you already have one you just have to be more sensitive and aware IMO.
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I learned on a stiff camber my first year (granted if it was too long it wasn't by much), and still enjoy riding it to this day. It definitely had a bit of a learning curve on making turns w/o eating it, and flat cat tracks were the scariest thing in the world for a while.
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Rides Caturdayz
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In my limited experience my stiff board (raptor) is really fun and precise for the first 4 hours. The last couple runs of the day are the crappy part.

At that point fatigue sets in, and I haven't had the 100+ days of experience for my muscle memory to be there when I am not concentrating. The board will punish every bad form. I am at a point I can save most of those, but it makes a very exhausting end of the day.
I train every day of my life as they have never trained a day in theirs. Alexander Karelin
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I learned on a 92/93 K2 AC 161 which was the smallest of the sizes I could get for an "all mountain" board from K2 at the time. I think I had the choice between the 161, a 166 and 176 if I recall. I really wanted the Farmer pro model but I think it only came in a 166 and felt too big to me. That thing definitely rode me.. was damm stiff, especially at the size and my size at the time, fast as hell too. There was no lazy riding on that thing.

I ride a Salomon Man's board now and it is also a board that requires some focus, I tend not to push my luck if I feel I am getting tired. Would rather call it a day a run early and feel great the next morning than get sloppy and end up paying for it. I'm also getting old which may factor into that decision process.
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I learned my lesson from buying my first wakeboards. My first wake deck was an out dated Connely that was shaped like a small surfboard, that thing was a tank. Took me forever to get it up on the water. My second one was a cheap Hydroslide true twin, this one was a hell of a lot easier to get up on plane, but still sucked to ride. So when I decided to plunk down some real money for a set up, I started doing a lot of research, and asking questions on forums. I ended up with a Hyperlite Premier, loved that board rode the same shape for about 6 years. 3 years ago I switched to a Murray pro model, felt like I had to learn to ride alll over again, very unforgiving, and very fast.

When I moved from rentals to my first snowboard, I did a ton of research, and landed here. I ended up with a K2 Brigade 163w that I still ride 4 years later. It's classified as a intermediate all-mountain board, works perfect for me. This year I did pick up a Nitro Target 157w because I wanted something a little more playful, spent Fri. trying to get used to the shorter deck. It's still a kind of stiff all-mountain deck, but with it being shorter and my weight (230) it flexes good, I can butter the shit out of it.

I guess my main point is, when buying a first deck, do some research, don't just plunk down a shit load of cash because you think more expensive is better. Try to find reviews of a couple different models that fit what style of riding you want to progress in. If I would have jumped from beginner/rental right to pro level boards in either sport I think things would be way different in the way I progressed.
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I learned on a old stiff Camber board I bought off craigslist. The Bindings were always falling apart to, I remember having to steal little screws from the dash of my car or I used bailing wire to fix them.. I was to stupid to bring extra hardware I guess.

It was painted like a Coors light beer, and had "Be Original" on the bottom. Somebody must of got it as a bonus/gift from the Coors plant in Golden. CO. years, and years ago.

Used it for my first couple of years, when I bought my first good board/Bindings and boots I was in shock how much nicer it rode and how much easier it was on my feet!

I still have the Board, It's hanging in my basement above the bar.

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In my opinion, "that board will ride you" would just mean, it will be tough for you to control. This would simply just be with respect to a board too long and too stiff for a newb. But as the rest of this thread has clearly pointed out, in the end it doesn't really matter now does it? All these people with examples of broken, ill-fitting boards as their first, yet they are still here. If you go out and fall in love with riding, but get the wrong board as your first, it doesn't matter. You will still go out and ride your ass off and eventually beat up your board enough to buy a new one.

Outside of that scenario, anyone that says, "that board will ride you" to a newb that bought a board that is too "advanced" (aka expensive) for that newb's skill level, is just jelly that the newb can afford a shinier stick than they can.
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I started on a BlackSnow Master. Then rode a Burton woody, then I had a Look.
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Thanks for all the feedback guy's & gal's! I can't believe how many of you started off with such crappy, "mickey moused" or just plain DIY equipment??? (...or for that matter, how many of you must be some seriously "Old Farts" like myself!!!)

You ALL have my Eternal Gratitude for sticking with it and helping to develop & create this sport so I could come along so many years later and discover just how much I love it!!!!!

Originally Posted by Fiziks View Post
...Outside of that scenario, anyone that says, "that board will ride you" to a newb that bought a board that is too "advanced" (aka expensive) for that newb's skill level, is just jelly that the newb can afford a shinier stick than they can.
...I DO get an awful lot of compliments on my Arbor board!!!
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