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chomps1211 12-25-2012 07:05 AM

Set-up/Riding Advice: New Rome Garage Rocker
My new board should be here tomorrow or Thurs. & since this will only be the second board I've owned I could use some feedback on how I plan to set it up and getting used to riding it without killing myself!

I have only ridden my cambered Arbor Roundhouse-163W, directional twin. (I have learned to ride switch ...granted it's slow & cautiously on this board.)
I have it rigged with L 2011 Cartel bindings with the straps switched out for Med. ones. +18_-12 angles. 32 ST boa boots-(slightly packed out.) in 10.5.
I have also managed my last two times out to get into & hold a few regular & switch tail presses along with some pressed front & backside spins/turns using this board (...the switch tail press are easier because of the longer nose on this board!)

The New Rome GR board is a twin rocker, 159cm (not a wide) I will be using the Med. Cartel bindings on it. Thinking about starting it off with 15-15 on the bindings. My thought is those angles might be better for riding switch and working on my butters & presses?

I have a New pair of Salomon Faction Boa's, that I've only used twice! I was thinking of getting rid of them as I didn't like the way they rode on my Arbor. They fit great, but they seem a LOT stiffer than my 32's and they have no lean in them. Unless I'm on a steeper slope, I cannot stand up from a sitting position wearing these boots as I can't get my weight & knees forward enough to leverage my way into standing.

But now I'm thinking It might be an advantage to use a stiffer, straighter boot with a rockered board? (...or is the opposite of that preferable?) I don't plan on going into the park with this board! Also, I wasn't planning on starting with much, if any fwd lean to the HB on this set-up. Not really sure about that, but I'll try them anyway.

My biggest concern is that I have been told there will be NO overlap with the riding experience of my Arbor. I pretty much knew it would ride very different, but going from a Wide Cambered board, to a ("normal?") width rocker deck,..

...What am I likely to notice as far as the differences between them in performance regarding things like turn initiation, Holding a line in tighter turns, or on steeps? Especially since I'm going from a Wide to reg. width board.
I imagined that the transition from heel to toe would be much quicker on the reg. width board, and I could possibly get surprised by that,.. (read, Face Plant!) but then again it's a rocker. So the boards contact points are slightly raised and wouldn't tend to initiate turns using the same amount of movement in my legs and knees,.. right??

Are my turns likely to feel,.. slow? ...delayed? I'm thinking it will be analogous to going from "disk brakes" to "air brakes" With air brakes on a big rig, you hit the pedal, and there is a 1-2 sec. delay in any response from the brakes! (...this can be quite unnerving the first few times you experience this!!)

Thanks for bearing with the length of this post. I know ultimately, I'm going to have to Ride It to really know how it's going to feel & react! But I would like to go into it as forewarned & prepared as I can, even if only mentally! (...biffing when I was put-putting along on greens @ only 15-18 mph was one thing, but I'm riding faster & steeper nowadays) TIA!

cb1021 12-25-2012 07:37 AM

Have fun riding. 90% rider, 10% gear.

The "no-overlap" thing is an overstatement. Cambered, rockered, soft, hard, whatever. It's still a snowboard, you're still on snow/ice/pow, and you're still going down the hill. I'm not going to go into the details about the physics of rocker vs camber when carving/performing etc. You will not have any issue with the gear performance if you work to improve/change your riding.

After some riding experience, you will know what kind of gear you like.

Btw to answer some of your questions, rocker board won't track as well as camber board in a carve because several things (weight distribution, rail shape, blah blah). Also cambered board are easier to turn on, they are more slippery/skatey. Easier to turn = less effective when making a perfect carve (like carving boards).

If you are concerned with "holding a tighter line", you can ride faster, put more weight on the edge, etc. You, going from wide chamber to small rocker board, there will be differences. Ride faster and more aggressive is the solution for most problems.

Chomps, I just read your other thread where you said that your board feels catchy. Yes cambered boards are easier to catch when riding it flat. So your new rocker board, you can ride it flat and not catch. You can even spin it on flat ground without catching edge. Cambered boards = easier to catch edge = more edge contact = better tracking when carving. We're talking about at the upper most limit though. A good rider on a rocker board tracks just as well as a intermediate rider on a camber board.

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