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arrrmaty 01-08-2013 03:32 PM

The Perfect Crew
:D The perfect crew consists of 4 people, you and 3 friends.
Why 4 people? Here are a few of the main reasons to have 4:

-Most main chairlifts seat 4 people, and most secondary lifts seat 2 people. --You ensure that you'll always be chillin' with your crew after each run talking about that sweet powder you found or how you had an epic crash off the hollywood hit or scouting the next run or the best spot to film from or whatever.
-Also, that way you don't have to have that dumb skier from the singles line hop on your lift asking you to hold their poles while they clean their goggles, or scratching up your board on the ride up

:D What type of riders make up the perfect crew of 4? Well first off, everybody needs to be at least close to the same ability level. You can't have a newbie and an expert in the same crew, that just makes for an annoying and less fun day. This is what you want:

-#1 The guy who is just a little better than you. He tries more tricks, he bombs a little harder and faster. It also helps and is usually the case that he is a little bit crazy and for some reason everyone has more fun if he's around. He'll always push you to try something new or to go down something you probably wouldn't have gone down if you were riding solo (and that doesn't necessarily mean it's a harder run, just one off the beaten path or one that has some fun or different terrain). He usually knows the mountain pretty well.
-#2 You, you're good, but having someone a little better makes you want to try more stuff and hey, let's face it, you need some motivation sometimes
-#3 The guy who is not quite as good as you but is eager to learn and can keep up without slowing you down on any terrain. This guy is important because he makes you feel better about yourself, but in a good way. He makes you realize that you are pretty good and helps you appreciate where you used to be at with your riding. If anyone carries a backpack it's usually this guy (hopefully no one brings a backpack riding with them, yes they can come in handy and be quite practical, but unless you're in the backcountry or on a huge resort they're not really necessary, and for some reason they've been designated as "uncool" for the most part by the locals and veterans; but at least he can carry your camera and/or snacks). It's a huge bonus if this guy is a photographer or more interested in filming you than getting filmed himself.
-#4 A girl*. Who doesn't want a girl to ride in their crew? Especially if she can keep up! A girl isn't necessary, but she can add a totally new dimension to the crew. Obviously you'll go bigger and try harder because you want to impress her, and that will be good to help you improve...or possibly wreck yourself. If she is a photographer or down for taking your picture then you're sitting pretty. Girls usually aren't as good as the other guys in the group, which is fine because if they're willing to go out with your crew that usually means she is looking to improve her riding and that means that you'll have a chance to give her some pointers and feel important because a girl is paying attention to you. For some reason, riding with a girl makes it more fun (most of the time, sometimes though it's way better to just have a bro sesh). I've had the privilege of riding with some pretty legit girls and it has been way fun.
*if you can't find a girl, then bring along another bro to keep your crew at 4. Make sure he's around the same ability level as everyone else. All bros usually means gnarlier terrain and can often be more fun and/or progressive.

:D There you have it, the perfect crew. These are hard to come by, but if you can get a crew like this then you're riding will improve dramatically and your passion for the sport will be even stronger. If you can't get 3 other people at least try and find 1 person who you can always count on, who is just as enthusiastic as you. In my experience, I found the best people to ride with was while working at a ski resort teaching snowboarding lessons while going to college. All the other instructors were on or around my same riding level, they were all just as enthusiastic as me about riding, and when we weren't teaching we were always out on the mountain riding together and pushing each others' limits. Riding solo can be good at times, but a legit crew is always preferred, especially if you want to get better and progress.

Good luck, and remember the most important thing is to have fun

wrathfuldeity 01-08-2013 03:38 PM

I rather have 3 hot shredder gals and me be the retarded...they would have the beer ready, sammy made and in the hot tub waiting for my arrival.:D

mojo maestro 01-08-2013 04:06 PM

What about stoner dude, get's you high on the to and fro? How about one and done guy, headed to the bar as soon as it's open? He pitches in on gas. Then there is phone guy, gear tech guru guy, forget my shit guy.

poutanen 01-08-2013 04:55 PM

The perfect crew are people that don't get upset when I say to them "I'll meet you at the lodge at 4:00"...

snowklinger 01-08-2013 07:43 PM

everybodys the shit guy sometimes :blink:

gmore10 01-08-2013 07:54 PM

The perfect crew consists of 2 stoners, this ensures youll never run outta weed. A alcoholic because this will provide your entertainment for the day. And only a girl if shes hot who cares how she can board and if shes ugly whats the point its like having another dude. If you have no dreams of becoming t rice this is a pretty solid east coast crew.

Clayton Bigsby 01-08-2013 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by poutanen (Post 563281)
The perfect crew are people that don't get upset when I say to them "I'll meet you at the lodge at 4:00"...

I've been married for 17 years now and have only taken my wife up with me once, it was to BAKER with 12" new, so I bought her lift ticket and told her to "meet me at the lodge at 3:30", that day was killer

dopamean 01-08-2013 08:12 PM

The potential crew for this 3-day weekend @ Breck is my homeboy, myself and 2 bitches.

I haven't been up with either succubus, but hear that both she-devils can handle a stick. I'll take extra condoms and let you know how this crew works out.

NoOtherOptions 01-08-2013 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by snowklinger (Post 563378)
everybodys the shit guy sometimes :blink:

Sometimes? Always hahaha.

ThisDudeKB 01-08-2013 10:42 PM


Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity (Post 563219)
I rather have 3 hot shredder gals and me be the retarded...they would have the beer ready, sammy made and in the hot tub waiting for my arrival.:D

I think he knows what he is talking about hahaha :laugh:

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