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Easto 01-17-2013 02:31 PM

Day 2 : Took another lesson
A month ago I went boarding for the first time. I took a lesson and spent the day on the magic carpet bunny hill.

Today was day 2 and I took another lesson. 2 runs on the bunny hill and we were gone to the left and a larger slop (still a green).

Holy crap, what a frustrating sport this is to learn.

I am able to link skidded turns, but the last thing he had me do is try carving. Getting up on edge and holding it. Toe side I did pretty well, but heel side was a train wreck. I would always over rotate and do almost a skidded stop.

I also found myself still putting too much weight on my back foot.

Are these common beginner issues?

Kapn.K 01-17-2013 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by Easto (Post 595370)
Are these common beginner issues?

Absolutely! Hang in there. At least you had some good sense and took some lessons.

poutanen 01-17-2013 02:38 PM

If he's getting you to work on carving after two days, you're progressing VERY well. A lot of noobs spend their first three days on their ass and knees.

Also if there's any way you can get out more often, that's the only way you'll train your muscles and mind to snowboard. Once a week would be ideal to start...

Easto 01-17-2013 02:39 PM

I have taken 2 lessons. I am trying to make sure I do it right. Costs a bit of money, but I will get better quicker

BlackhawkDriver 01-17-2013 02:46 PM

Absolutely, most people have a tendancy to want to lean back and put too much weight in back. I had to remind myself to lean forward constantly and then lean forward more than what felt like enough. That aversion to leaning down the hill is a huge hurdle but when you overcome it you will progress much better because you will be able to steer the board with your front foot. As an outsider looking in, if youre not leaning forward and controlling the board with the correct pressures then you might want to wait a bit on the carving till you get a better feel for it. Just my .02 happy shredding

Easto 01-17-2013 07:17 PM

There are a bunch of things that I have to think about when I am riding. Lean downhill, bend at the knees not at the waist, etc. Stuff like this I am sure you guys just naturally do now.

Once it comes second nature I will be in good shape.

I feel that I need at least 1 more lesson to fix a couple obvious issues I am having.

IdahoFreshies 01-18-2013 02:21 AM

You shouldn't be learning to carve until you can solidly link skidded turns on blue terrain. I don't know how the lessons went or what your progression level is, but that seems a bit rushed.

But yes, snowboarding has a steep learning curve and it is very frustrating. I know and am living it learning park tricks. Honestly never get so frustrated any other time in me life than when I am trying to learn park.

Easto 01-18-2013 10:19 AM

After sitting at home and thinking about yesterdays runs (yes, I think about it while sitting on the couch) I noticed these things:

- My weight was too far to the back leaning away from the hill instead of leaning into the hill.

- I feel like I am going too fast so I compensate heel side by essentially stopping/skidding to slow myself down

- I feel when I turn toe side I can get out of the turn no problem and start my heelside turn.

- When heelside I don't feel confident getting out of the turn to go toeside. I have this fear that I am going to catch an edge and eat it. Maybe I am leaning too far back which is causing me to overturn?

I plan on going back next Thursday, what are some things you guys can suggest I do to get to the next step?

Donutz 01-18-2013 10:46 AM

Easto, your issues are classic beginner issues. I suffer or have suffered from all of them. Ideally if you could get someone to take a video of you riding, it would help you a lot. Next best would be to get a camera on a pole and video yourself. Failing all that, you can "feel" yourself doing all these things if you concentrate. You need to be on a non-challenging run so you don't have to concentrate on the terrain. Then just feel yourself doing heelside turns, for instance. Vary your lean, vary your turn radius, vary your weight distribution. See how the turn changes. You'll zero in on what works better.

Or you could just always pay for a lesson with a more advanced instructor. Give him specific instructions as to what you want to work on.

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