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chomps1211 01-21-2013 09:07 AM

Riding Critique / Humorous Edit Also!
...Then again, you might find all of it fairly humorous!! ;)

Leo agreed to do a little "chase cam" work for me on Saturday at our little local hill! The first clip is pretty much just a short straight edit of several clips that I was hoping to use to get some general feedback on my riding. Balance, stance, switch riding etc. ...any glaring problems or mistakes you notice! (...only ones I really noticed were in the butters footage.) I chose to get footage of me trying to butter my Arbor cambered board because it's the hardest to lift, especially riding regular.
The straight riding is being done on what passes for a short black run @ our local! (...yeah, I know, but it's all we got!) The flat light and the fact that I goofed & left the camera set to wide doesn't help either! You can't really tell how steep it is, where it drops into that pitch or even judge just how fast I'm going. Not too terribly fast,.. but I wasn't creepin' down it either!

The buttering stuff was all done on a green. It still looks pretty clumsy, but when I'm riding the Garage Rocker, I can get the nose of that thing up pretty high,.. regular or switch. so I'll keep working on it! Any tips appreciated! Especially on getting the pressed turn to complete a spin around to switch or reg. Having trouble getting it to finish! :dunno:

This second clip is something I put together after watching the buttering footage & thought that along with this music, it turned it into something pretty hilarious! Especially with Leo's Kind & Thoughtful intro! Hope you get a laugh out of it!

:laugh: Thanks for looking in!

BigmountainVMD 01-21-2013 09:38 AM

My favorite part is the intro "Old Creepy Guy Butters" by your camera man.

It was a bit hard to see, but I think if you took a similar video on some more challenging terrain, just a bit steeper, your faults would become more apparent.

I had trouble seeing if you were carving or skidding. It looked like you were carving while going across the hill, but skidding in the actual turn. It could be due to the slope of the hill and lack of speed, but ideally, for a full carved turn, you would be traversing the hill going to the right on your toes, and switch to your heels while the board is still pointing right. Then you ride that heel edge all the way around, 180 degrees, until you are pointing to the left side of the hill. The sooner you get on that edge that will take you around in the turn, the easier it is to plant the edge and actually carve all the way around the turn, vs. locking in the carve after the board is already pointing down the hill.

poutanen 01-21-2013 10:06 AM

Nice vids! Love the tune in the second one... You looked comfortable turning, and you could tell from the video you had good speed. Only thing you'll want to work on if carving is your thing, is getting the edge up even higher to really start digging a trench. On your toe side push your knees into the slope, and on your heelside bend your knees and get your butt down!

The other thing is I know they always train people to have calm arms, but it almost looked like you had a zombie upper body lol. I'm probably dead wrong here but I like to use some arm motion as a counterweight. On my toeside I point them out towards the slope to get shift my weight further off centre (and if I hit rough terrain I can pull them back in to regain my balance), and then on my heelside I bring them in closer to my body. Kind of like thrusting movements! Ha! :laugh:

Also, the buttering always looks like you favour your heel edge. You get the nose up and then the board starts turning away. One thing to work on would be to hold the nose up without turning at all (unless that's what you were trying to do).

As you can tell from my vids I fall a lot too, so not sure I'm the one to be taking advice from! But they look like fun nonetheless. :D

Clayton Bigsby 01-21-2013 10:21 AM

You're doing just fine, everyone has their own style and over time you'll figure yours out. I've been riding with the same guys for 27 years and I can tell each one of their riding styles, as a matter of fact I was up at Stevens Pass Washington a couple years ago riding up the Southern Cross chair, I was watching this guy riding the powder under the chair, when I thought I recognized his style, so I yelled his name and sure as shit, it was him. The crazy thing was I haven't seen or ridden with him in 15+ years, but he still had his old style and he was still riding his old school 1650 Terry Kidwell :bowdown:

Clayton Bigsby 01-21-2013 10:24 AM

Is that first video really a Black diamond run ? It's better then nothing, but I'm sure glad to be living in the Northwest. You'll need to do yourself a favor and head out west.

grafta 01-21-2013 10:41 AM

-------------------Get rid of the backpack!--------------------

Seriously though, I'm with poutanen. Your upper body is almost too calm. I think it's the terrain, or lack of... its so even and groomed it lets you ride very very static.

I like it how natural the small bit of switch looks :thumbsup:

-------------------Get rid of the backpack!--------------------

seriouscat 01-21-2013 10:48 AM

Riding Critique / Humorous Edit Also!
Looks pretty smooth. I am disappointed to see no pedobear suit though. Just saying....

IdahoFreshies 01-21-2013 10:50 AM

Those weren't really black runs were they?

I agree with everyone else. At the point when you can ride that smoothly and static in the upper body normal and switch you need to take it to more challenging terrain (if available of course). Its hard to see where you need improvement from something where you aren't challenged at all.

also ditch the backpack haha. not necessary.

Noreaster 01-21-2013 11:13 AM

Stiff upper body. That little arm flail in the first vid when you skidded - I'm guessing it happens a lot on a more challenging terrain or in worse conditions. That's because your arms are glued to your sides and your spine isn't relaxed enough. When you are riding icy, bumpy steep terrain you need to be fluid through your waist to compensate for slips and skids with the body rather than flapping arms. As for the butters you're fighting the board a bit.

And what do you carry in a backpack this big on what's essentially a bunny run on a tiny hill? Dead body?

chomps1211 01-21-2013 11:17 AM

Sad to say that is what passes for a "Black Run" in SE. MI! :( It's actually not groomed at all at the time I was riding it. It was chopped up & a little bumpy from skiers n shit! It's the very flat light that's causing any definition in the snow or terrain to disappear. Having said that, It isn't much of a black at all. The blues up @ Boyne are as steep or steeper and they're definitely longer! If it's not icy, I can manage a few of the steeper Blacks at Boyne! If they're a little soft & freshly groomed,.. I've actually flown down a couple of them!! :) (...I never seem to have anyone around to do chase cam though when I'm at Boyne!!!)

Poutenan,.. as for the butters or tail press (...spins, turns?) Except for when I was leaning back to grab the tail of the board, I was trying to turn the board heel side! My problem is I only seem to get about 2/3 or 3/4 out of the turn & then have to sort of "muscle" it around to finish! It looks a lot less clumsy when I'm on the Rome rocker because it's way lighter, flexes more & It's easier to rudder the tail around to finish the spin! On the Arbor, I don't get as much height to the nose, (...I can get more when I'm switch, naturally.) and the camber is trickier too! I can do straight butters for a fair distance on both boards regular & switch, but I'd like to get the spins down and looking less awkward!!

Zombie Calm??? Aw Man!!! I worked S-o-o-o hard learning to make absolutely sure I wasn't rockin' the "Mystery Date" look!!! :laugh: :laugh: :dunno: Now I gotta learn how to ride "Disco Style????" ;) :laugh:

p.s. I haven't been riding with the Camelbak much at all this year, I had it on in these because I had all my GoPro shit in it,.. But I noticed it was throwing me off some! If you notice the one time I was successful in grabbing the tail of my board for a press,.. It was after I got Leo to take the pack! So, message received & noted!! :)

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