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Default Starting a company?

Hey im currently a junior in high school and was wondering what i could in my furutre i absolutely love snowboarding and business and marketing that kind of stuff. so i was like BOOM start my own snowboard company! like just head wear at first, get a name then get bigger sumthin like that,

what i was wondering how hard would it be i mean like some pros start companies really easy it seems like? granted they are pros and probaly have a butt ton of connections. how would one go about making beanies for example find a screen printer give them a design and boom?
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Step 1: Drop out of school

Step 2: Get really good at snowboarding

Step 3: Become pro

Step 4: Use your "butt ton" of connections to start a business

If Bozung can do it, so can you!
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Go to college.
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Originally Posted by areveruz View Post
Go to college.
1+ for go to college. Think about how many people want to go in to the SB industry right out of high school. A shit ton. You will be much more of a catch for a company or an investor if you have a college degree, and people will take you more seriously. If anything, you should work at a SB company, if not a couple companies, before you start one... experience is HUGE dude! Pros can do it cause they have tons of experience in the business!

Work on that grammar too... Not trying to be a dick and I know it's a forum so you may be using web speak but when applying to school, asking investors for money or applying to a job, they will all want to see that you have a way with words to some degree. Just starting a company by making a few hats with a couple grand is not really an option these days... especially if you can't convince people to hop on the bandwagon with a well written email or letter.

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start knittin beanies

My daugher and her friend started a thing and it really started to take off and with a bit more time they could have made a run for it. But it got old fast...I told her to have some global sweatshop labor do up the inventory. So there are a 100 or so custom hand done items that easily sold before they said....we rather be in the snow. Though have another friend that does a few music fest, farmer markets and online...she does alright

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On that note, just find a friend with native american blood. Being able to slap "Native American Made" on a basket or hat makes it go from $50 to $500...

I got a friend who does that with his lady. It takes them a few days to weave a basket but fist size ones sell for $500 and bucket sized ones sell for a few grand... They just ride all winter and weave baskets at night and sell them along the coast of Maine all summer. Sweet deal for sure.
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Everyone in the world wants a get-rich-quick or get-rich-doing-what-you-love scheme... its not gonna work.

Selling hats is going to get you nowhere. Stay in school.
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Yeah here's how you sounded...

"yo dudez eye whant to live the EZ life yo so how does eye make the BLING BLING instead of working like the suckaz of tha wrld!?!?!?!?!?!!!!11111"

You want the real keys to sucess? Persistence, hard work, and take a few chances... Don't fuck up your credit young, don't be an idiot with your drivers licence, invest young, play it smart young, and you can be generally set for life.

Nothing wrong with wanting to be entrepreneurial, but why am I going to buy a snowboard from a beanie maker that can't type?

The market is flooded with certain kinds of boards, and extremely lacking in other kinds. This is pretty obvious if you've ever searched for the hard to get kind. So there is a market out there for certain kinds of boards, but you have to have capital to start, a business plan, and ambition to see it through the tough years.

Also, if anybody thinks Burton has it easy at the top, it's probably the toughest snowboarding company to run. They're constantly being compared to other brands, need to innovate, etc. There really is no easy route to being sucessful. Do what you love, do it well, and you can probably live a happy life.
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If you have a few grand I'll set your company up for you. Hahaha.

Seriously though, if you started a company you need to determine what type of formation you'd want (LLC? LLP? do you even know what these acronyms mean?) a logo, a company name, corporate filing papers, trademarks for said logo, copyrights for said name, etc. etc.

My advice? Go to college, get a business degree. Find something to actually bring to the market. Another fucking apparel company producing "cool" shit is going to fail.
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If you have to ask people how to make beanies on a snowboard forum, you should not start an apparel snowboard company.

At least not right now.

If you want to succeed in the overcrowded, insanely competitive snowboard clothing/apparel space you better be an insanely smart, hard working kid who knows how to find and fix problems himself because you're going to have to out hussle some serious players in the space.

This means if you don't know how to make your own beanie, you should be google the crap out of it, studying marketing/business/product creation in your spare time and learning how to do it yourself, not asking a random group of people on snowboardingforum.

I'm not saying it can't be done and I actually disagree with people who say you need college to start your own business (a lot can be learnt on your own at your local library or online), but you have to be a self starter and someone who knows how to learn and work hard independently and solve problems on your own to be successful at running your own business.

Otherwise you end up like one of 5000 other kids who thought "I'll start a snowboard brand selling t-shirts and beanies or something and it'll grow and I'll make money!" and they go nowhere and waste a lot of their time and money.

I actually have a friend who did exactly what you want to do. He started a beanie company from nothing and no college degree. He's expanding reasonably well, and has even partnered with Red Bull in the past.

However, he's an insanely hard worker and he solves his own problems and works his butt off learning about business and marketing on the side.
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