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Kevin137 06-20-2013 06:45 PM

A Favour to ask... ;)
My 7 year old stepson has a facebook page, nothing fancy, not loaded with crap, and not loads of junk on your wall...

But he has reached a stage where we are stuck with new likes, he is nearly at a 1000 and we want get him over that figure...

If you want to support a young man who loves his boarding, and follow him over the years, then please just like his page, nothing more, nothing less.

He asks me every day when he comes home from school how many he has now, and it is always nice for him to have a smile when he sees it has gone up...

It started with him trying to work out how many people follow him compared to his school, that only has 300 in it, so he is so chuffed that he got more than that, but every like helps and puts another smile on his face.

All his videos are on there, including his season edit, which is now almost 22,000 views on youtube, which is amazing... There are others on there as well, including his 1st dunking in a slush pool, which he almost made it across... :giggle:

Thank you in advance for all those who have read this post... :bowdown:

Board Gadget 06-20-2013 06:56 PM

Done!! Good to see a young entrepreneur.

koi 06-20-2013 07:30 PM

kid is going to be ridiculous in a few years.

Anaru 06-20-2013 11:54 PM

Canu make the vid to be able to play on mobiles?

Kevin137 06-21-2013 03:15 AM


Originally Posted by Anaru (Post 988833)
Canu make the vid to be able to play on mobiles?

It is not possible, due to the music HE chose and copyright issues with mobiles...

Thanks guys, numbers going up slowly... And we do hope he will be ridiculous... Being Norwegian the snow is in his blood, we just need to push his boarding in the right direction...

baldylox 06-21-2013 08:26 AM

Maybe it's not the best idea to condition a 7 year old to think that happiness comes from how much people on the internet like you. Just a thought.

ItchEtrigR 06-21-2013 08:59 AM

You're an awesome step dad... that's one lucky kid....

Kevin137 06-21-2013 09:34 AM


Originally Posted by cifex (Post 989001)
Maybe it's not the best idea to condition a 7 year old to think that happiness comes from how much people on the internet like you. Just a thought.

I don't think it is conditioning, he just likes that others are interested that is all. And how he likes watching others videos, he watches a few other kids who are doing really well and follows there vis etc on youtube, and just enjoys his time doing that...

There is another kid over here that i'm sure many of you have heard of, Marcus Kleveland, and he is another that follows him, and has sent him parcels of stuff etc which is really cool...

You only have to see how he has come out of his shell and started progressing with everything he does since he started snowboarding and found a love for it to understand that it is not a bad thing...

A friend came over in the winter, for a few days, and it was funny to see a 7 year old , trying to explain how to snowboard, but my friend had only had 3 or 4 days before, and this little norwegian kid, with limited english was trying to explain, and was laughing at my friend every time he fell... Anyway, they really hit it off, and my friend ended up giving him the nickname "sneaky" which is how sneaky snowboarder came about... Which he thinks is really cool, and now when he boards with me and my friends, he is simply known as sneaky, and they all love boarding with him, which to be fair, is awesome for a 7 year old, as some of them are pros, and make time for him, enjoy riding with him, always have pointers for him, and they love seeing his progression...

To be fair, while HE loves seeing the numbers go up, i also love seeing it, that people want to follow him, that he is doing something that others can enjoy, and will make a difference to his life, rather than just sitting indoors and playing on a gaming machine, he has an outside interest...

Surely that is a good thing...???

And when we have snow, he is always asking, can we go boarding, can we practice this, practice that, how does this work etc...

It really makes him shine in himself...

wrathfuldeity 06-21-2013 11:12 AM

Kevin, its great that your son is into it, reminds me of my daughter when she was younger and is still hyped. The thing we did was to establish that she was the one to earn the privilege to ride/ski. When she was younger I would match dollar for dollar to her addiction, that I would not say no to her snow shenanigans as long as she had good grades, she figured out how to do it and kept out of trouble and she understood that she had to pay for her season pass...which she has done for 12 years. She understands that she is blessed to live near the snow but also realizes that it is an earned privilege. Her senior year in high school she skied 100+ days, yet lives 60 miles from the hill and didn't drive nor have a car....she figured you how to make it work and her senior project was working with Baker's ski patrol.
Have fun!

Kevin137 06-21-2013 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity (Post 989129)
Kevin, its great that your son is into it, reminds me of my daughter when she was younger and is still hyped.

Have fun!

I am fortunate enough that from this season i get a family season pass for free, but he has still has to pull his weight...!

He gets every lesson anyway, that is tuesday evenings from 6-8pm, on the snow, and then 3 weekends with events for the club as well.

Other than that, because we have shared custody, we have one week and his dad has one week, although lessons are an exception, the alternate weekends, he gets one day regardless, and has to earn the other...

As for paying for his equipment, that works reasonably well, we have secured a basic sponsorship by way of a shop in the UK, he is there ONLY sponsored rider, and not even from the same country, but they are family friends and they do COST for all his equipment now... Which is really cool... We are looking at developing this as much as we can, and again this follows on from his nickname...

We own the domain and we are looking at starting a kids winter clothing range using cool logos for basic stuff, my bro is a finance director for a well known label in the UK, and has the contacts, so we are setting it up as a trust with all proceeds going to a trust account that can fund his learning and competing if he is good enough, we also have full time winter sports schools here in Norway, but they cost money, so it will help with that...

However, we DO understand that he has to be good enough, and have a love for it, and if he loses interest then the money will be used in an alternative way to help fund others from the school he is at now... It is not about making money from him, but not denying him the opportunities he could have.

I think he will always board now, but how good he is is down to him, we are just planning so that he won't miss out if he IS good enough...

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