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Default Watch my video, cringe, give me feedback

Dear Dudes & Dudettes,

Season is just one month away so I’m starting to think about technique and figured you guys might give me some feedback on my riding based on my video below. It was recorded in March on my 8th day of riding evah. I'm on day 10 now.

Laughs are on me.

Some of my own comments on this are:
  • Yes it’s lame. Yes, I suck. Yes, I’m skidding.
  • Yes it’s painfully slow. It’s a very flat green run, I had the wind in my face most of the time, and I was focusing too much on making turns instead of building speed.
  • I should have perhaps have recorded on a blue run but my primary concern was (apart from recording as many turns as possible) not falling (see: cracked rib).
  • I’m riding with a tendency towards chimpanzee arms but that’s partially because I couldn’t use my abs properly to twist my body (see: cracked rib).
  • SnowProfessor and my ex are my only teachers but in February I'm in for one week of full-time instruction with UCPA. Want to become as good as possible before that.

Take it away, boys.

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I saw nothing really wrong there. You were very un-dynamic in your core but that is to be expected with cracked ribs. Your arms were moving too much but as you said it was to compensate for your ribs. Work on getting your legs looser and getting the speed up will help the flow of the turns. You're doing great.

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Nicely done...doing great

you are kind of stiff, loosen up your lower body...move your knees and hips around....use your front knee as your steering wheel/joy stick to steer

riding abit open at times

get on your nose abit more...move your hips/pelvis fore, aft and across the mid line of the are too static

straighten up your back and want to stack or align your hips over your ankles....sink in the knees instead of bending at the want to rotate forward or tip-up your hips/ do this squeeze your butt cheeks together and tighten up your abs. Visually you want to stack your body over the board and think of the board as the bottom of a cereal box and you want to keep your shoulders and hips inside of the box and also have them to be parallel with the board.

I wish that I would have been riding that well at day ten.
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I'm not going to comment too much on the upper body since you said you had cracked ribs and that makes it hard to guess how you'd move normally, but I'd say for now work on your lower body movement.

1) Get those knees working

I noticed your knees were basically locked into that bent knee position the entire time. I'd recommend doing an exercise I call 'small and tall' to make turns easier, more dynamic and get you using your knees.

Basically you want to make yourself tall when you start a turn and small again when you're riding normally.

So you're basically lifting your body up and pushing off both feet suddenly just as you're about to turn, this will take the pressure off your snowboard as you start to turn your snowboard and as you come back down the pressure of your weight coming back down will help you power your turn more.

(I made a blog about it here if you need a diagram - 'Tall & Small' - How To Offload Pressure For More Snowboard Control When Turning)

So you want to get into a rhythm of kind of bopping up, then back down every time you go to turn. You push up to lessen the pressure and lower weight on your snowboard, then come back down again after initiating the turn to power through the new change of direction.

2) Start being more dynamic with your upper body and knees (once your ribs heal)

Right now you're riding very passive, which could be due to the rib injury, but once that's better you want to try to power through those turns by really pushing your knees, hips and shoulders into the direction as you turn.

So instead of turning toeside then sitting and waiting for the board to turn around toeside, you want to turn toeside, then drive your knee, hips and shoulders toeside.

Really be active about getting your whole body pushing into the turn and that's the trick to go from letting your snowboard control your turns to being in control of your snowboard and being able to ride more tight lines like tree runs and black runs where tight, quick turns become important.

The rule of thumb when it comes to being dynamic with your body during those early stages is if you think you're doing a motion 90%, you're probably doing it 10-20%, so really get that body involved and push into those turns and you'll find your snowboard responds a lot better and faster.

Hope that helps, keep it up, you're doing great.
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Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity View Post
Nicely done...doing great

....riding a bit open at times

get on your nose abit more...move your hips/pelvis fore, aft and across the mid line of the are too static

straighten up your back and want to stack or align your hips over your ankles....sink in the knees instead of bending at the waist... want to keep your shoulders and hips inside of the box and also have them to be parallel with the board.

I wish that I would have been riding that well at day ten.

Day 10? Yeah, I'd say you were doing quite well. Especially with cracked ribs! Like wrathful pointed out, I don't think I was that smooth transitioning from heel to toe after only 9-10 days. (...and I didn't have any cracked ribs!)

I wanted to mention something I did notice, (...or thought I did anyway.) Now I'm no expert, and someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but on many of your transitions from heel to toe side turns. It looked to me as tho you were initiating the toe side turn with your shoulders alright, but immediately counter rotating them. (i.e. "opening them up,") while still on your toe edge.

I got the sense that as soon as you went toe side and you began traversing the slope with your back (heel side,) down slope, you were trying to keep your upper body (head, shoulders) oriented/looking down hill.

I think this might be a natural tendency, (...heel side is the blind side in snowboarding.) but it's something that can cause you to catch an edge and get slammed down on your back. When you r in a toe side turn, with your shoulders open towards your heel edge you body is in essence trying to turn the board "both" ways at once!

Something that helped me to keep my shoulders aligned and in "the cereal box" was placing my back hand on my upper hip or thigh. Sometimes even grabbing a handful of pant leg to keep it there. With my back shoulder tied to an aligned position relative to the board, I had less tendency to open my upper body and this forced me concentrate on using my knees and a forward weighted stance with my entire body to turn the board.

Keep up the good work, and i'm certain the lessons you have planned will be a big help!
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What the hell is wrong with that? I would say wholly shit fantastic for day 3. Now time to get skitracks and up the speed to 60-70km/h….lol. Good job.
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You're doing very good
Can't remember my early days but I'm very sure I was still collecting scorpions n bruises on day 3 and for sure not happily cruising like you I'm sure, you soon will ride pretty confident and dynamic.
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Awesome job man!

Looks like everyone has already pointed you in the right direction. You will be shredding hard really soon.

I'll keep it simple. Be really confident in your edges, believe they will hold you and trust they will stop you if need be. Your body will reflex your confidence and it will all come together. You got the skill, now just confidence confidence confidence.

Welcome to the best sport ever!
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Default doing GREAT!

I would have to repeat what Jed said...

instead of a posture like "riding a horse" can turn your upper body (when your ribs heal up), slightly towards the nose of your board (but don't open your shoulders a bunch)....that'll get your hips a bit more turned out of that "horse" stance.

you're not opening your shoulders a ton which is GREAT!!.....keepin' em nice and stacked over your board for the most part.....awesome

As you build more muscle memory you'll start to see how you can use the parts of your body dynamically......YOU'RE DOIN' FINE!!....
keep us updated on your progress!
be careful wit dem ribzies
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