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Klang180 01-21-2014 06:03 PM

Decent boarder but leg just wants to come out! PLEASE HELP!
Hello guys

I have been boarding for a far while now. In all i have probably got around 6-7 months of snow time in total. Understandably this means i am of a decent standard and can link turns easily, carve and bomb slopes very competently.

However my freestyle is nowhere near the level of my freeride and i put it down to one thing, my back leg always feels like it wants to come out as if going to heel side stop.

I have tried everything to keep my upper body neutral and movement to a minimum (when appropriate of course i.e. not when carving) but no matter what i do when i am going flatbase or a little on an edge it always feels like i am fighting my back leg from kicking out a bit.

I have loads of time on the mountain and am comfortable leaning into slopes, going fast and riding all conditions and so it isn't just a case of me not putting in the time and being a bit inexperienced.

To make matters worse, and perhaps related to this, my front leg quad absolutely burns whilst riding and only lets off when i go switch (terrible at it as i can't flatbase my heel only turn) or when i get into a really hard carve. Does this tell me anything about my style and why perhaps i can;t get into this neutral position.

It is really getting me down as i love to hit kickers and really want to progress at this area of riding but feel restricted by this lack of a relaxed boarding stance in which to approach the lip.

I have tried everything i can think of but it still doesn't seem to go away (the wandering back leg and painful front quad).

I am 6ft2", 185lbs, ride a 23.5" stance at +12 -12 and have my highbacks on neutral. I can't see how it can be my setup as i am sure many people my stats thrive on that setup so what can it be?

Donutz 01-21-2014 08:03 PM

Get someone to video you while you're riding. It may be enough for you to look at it to figure something out. If not, post it here. Vids make a huge difference for diagnosing riding issues. Doesn't have to be high quality or have a sound track or be edited or anything. But try to get yourself recorded from different angles.

Klang180 01-21-2014 10:36 PM

Thanks Donutz, i suppose i should have worked that out myself :D

ridinbend 01-21-2014 10:44 PM

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You can also try angling your back foot further out (duck). That worked wonders for me. I went from 9 to 12 to eventually 15 and that really helped keep me neutral in pow. Sometimes I feel like 18 degrees would be ok.

tonicusa 01-21-2014 10:50 PM

You should always get a lesson just so you have someone super knowledgable right there with you to ask anything.

That said a couple things that "might" be causing that are things like:

1.) The length of your board. Is it too short for you under 158 whereby you are probably over powering your sidecut and tail.

2.) Are your bindings set up evenly from the default stance? Or do you have something wonky going on where the back binding is too far forward on the board's geometry and sidecut.

3.) Hopefully your front and back bindings are dead on the centerline of the board and the back binding isn't just slightly toward the toe edge.

4.) Try a slightly wider stance. Im 6' and 23.5 is as narrow as I like to go and riding a board under 157 becomes problematic for me.

5.) perfect duck doesn't work for everybody try closing the back angle to -9 or better yet open the front to 15.

6.) Do you own more than one board? Does this happen on every board you own.

7.) Have you ever had a formal lesson?

Jed 01-22-2014 06:54 AM

As Donutz said, in this case video will help a ton (even more than normal).

The only real way to kick a bad habit in your stance is to video it, see exactly what's causing it, then focus on it non stop until you force it to click. Otherwise we're all just guessing.

Fair warning, even after figuring out what's going wrong, it'll take time. Bad habits suck to get rid of, but it's just one of those things where you'll have to remind your 500 times until it stops becoming a habit.

One quick tip an old freestyle coach gave me, once you do figure out what's going wrong in your stance (either by yourself or if you post a video here we can help), pretend you're on camera 24/7. This will force you to focus on your style and technique instead of zoning out and going back to old habits.

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