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thedru13 02-09-2014 07:38 PM

Tips for me to get better
Ok getting tired of the adjusting of my stuff all the time. Really thinking its me. Took a video today sorry for the crotch cam of me going down an small hill. I am still trying to get used to holding a polecam and riding. Any tips would be really helpful. Some things I am having issue with is getting my speed up and feeling like I am not trying to kick my back foot out when connecting turns. I am 6'2 200lbs. Stance is 23in wide, and binding are at 15/15.

Any tips, feedback, help whatever I am open to it. I am an older rider (40 years old)so just want to carve and hit some rollers and get really comfy on my board..

Again working on getting better video this was my first time with the polecam...

slyder 02-09-2014 07:56 PM

What I see is that back leg is always straight and stiff. You don't use your knees in your turns.

Not once did you initiate a turn with the tip of your board. They are all skidded or mostly skidded turns.
You can tell some of this as your board edge really is never off the ground. Hence all skidded turns and you bleeding off speed. Not being able to keep going faster.

You really need to start your turns with that front foot. You can tell when your carving you will see that very thin hard groove behind you after your turns.

Hope this was the type of info you were looking for.

thedru13 02-09-2014 08:01 PM

Feel like that is part of my issue. I am ok on my heels and toe side. I just feel odd when I bend my knees it almost feels un natural. Not sure how to get more on that front foot.. Do I point it out more? Do I pull it in?

and thanks for the reply.

readimag 02-09-2014 08:01 PM

You need to sit more like doing a squat it will help with the kicking of your foot. Also you seem to be sitting back on your board and that will lead to a loose feeling when you get to speed. Just have someone film you or watch you and they can tell and show you want you need to change. There is also nothing wrong with getting a lesson and telling them I just want to work on carving with my edges.

Edit: You can also try 18/15 that might help you also

thedru13 02-09-2014 08:09 PM

Thanks again for the quick responses.. Some times i feel ok squating more and it shows I am much quicker and comfy on the mountain then the next run stiff and legs are just not bending. Maybe thought I was missing something...

knoxious 02-09-2014 08:15 PM

I reckon take some angle off your back foot - it'll give you a more one directional stance (ie you won;t be able to ride switch so well), but as you're doing 1 directional riding it won't matter. What I feel is that it might help you bend your (back) knees a little more naturally.

To engage the front foot more just lean a bit forward and put some more weight into it. It'll feel funny at first - really daring! - but it's the way! It'll help keep your shoulder line parallel to the ground (which you want in all situations).

thedru13 02-09-2014 08:22 PM

LMAO... Darling.. Ok.. going to back the rear foot off a bit.. Just making all these changes all the time its hard to know whats working and whats not working. It feels all like a fail.. LOL

knoxious 02-09-2014 08:31 PM

I said "daring", darling!

1 change at a time, do a couple of runs. Then next change...

You didn't look bad, you just didn't look totally awesome :)...darling x

Donutz 02-09-2014 10:16 PM

What others have said covers the main points -- straight legs, not turning with the nose of the board, etc. Another common issue with noobs is not using much edge. Slyder mentioned it but it bears repeating. You may feel like you've got your board up on a 45 degree angle but the edge is actually maybe an inch off the snow. To correct this, find a spot on the hill with some space and start working on really purposely getting up on your edges. Do some deep S-carves heel and toe. You'll get a feel for what real edging feels like and you'll be less likely to just slide back and forth.

wrathfuldeity 02-10-2014 04:30 AM

Ur fairly darn stiff and static...shoulders rotated open and with the invisible girlfriend...loose the GF, grab your rear pant leg with trailing hand and hold it there.

Try riding the whole run with your elbow/forearms resting on your knees and clasp your hands/fingers together, keep your back straight, shoulders closed/parallel with the board...from this deep squat position feel the pressure on the ball of your leading/front foot to turn toeside and feel the pressure on your little toe to turn heelside (swing your leading knee forward toward the nose). Keep your weight forward on the nose. You will be also very static...but in a crouched position and you will notice that it takes very little leading knee movement to link turns....and you will feel very stable and be flying low...but still keep your knees and ankles loose to just bump and absorb inperfections on the trail/run.

Next do the run standing up and dropping down in the leading knee...bend both knees but pay attention to the leading knee....squat...don't bend over at the waist...(so low that your leading/front hand is with in 4-6" from the snow and reaching for (about 4-6" away/outside/beyond the nose toeside contact point when you turn toeside...then stand up (to a neutral closed position with weight fore/aft at 50-50) followed by dropping down in the knees and squatting and reaching for (again reaching about 4-6" away/outside/beyond) the nose heelside contact point when you turn heelside...then stand up followed by again reaching for the toeside contact point....really exaggerate the up and down)...and repeat...btw pay attention to the front foot/hand/shoulder and only let the trailing/rear foot/shoulder/hand float or follow along....don't kick your rear foot out nor your shoulder/arm/hand should just hang over the center line. NOTE that ur squating and not bending over at the waist to touch the snow. Do 3 or 4 runs squatting/standing and trying to touch the snow toeside/heelside...then go back and try to do the run stiff stiff leg and static.

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