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burtonboardr 02-21-2014 02:08 AM

Looking to get into Boardercross
The past few years I have been entering the USASA Boardercross races near me, and I really enjoy BX but I am not very good at it having no experience other than a few races I joined just for fun. I noticed a lot of people there had coaches or were part of a team. I figured if I wanted to get into BX and improve at it, I would really need to find a coach, and maybe need to buy some new gear. I was just wondering if there are coaches around that could help me, or if I would have to join some kind of team, and if so how much it would cost for a coach / how often would we need to meet to practice. Also I currently have a rocker board that I just use as an all-mountain board (but I assume that is not a great board to use in BX) and was wondering if it would be necessary for me to buy a new board. My concern is that I won't have the time or money required for coaching and/or buying new equipment. Could anyone give me a general guess as to how much coaching would cost (like personal coaching or however it works), and how often we would need to meet (twice a week for example)?

SkullAndXbones 03-05-2014 05:38 AM

as far as coaching goes, i have no clue. if you want to compete at a high level you're definitely gonna wanna buy a regular cambered board that's very stiff. and go with a much larger size then normal. they're faster and more stable at high speeds. i've looked into usasa before because i've been interested in riding bx as well. if/when you buy a new board, make sure it fits the usasa guidelines. as i understand it, both the nose and tail have to be rounded. if i were you, save your money go with a board from brands like Kessler, Prior, Nidecker, Donek etc. they're expensive but they are built for hard charging , speed and stability.

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