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reddy 01-16-2008 02:53 PM

4th time riding
Today will be my 4th time riding. So far I have taken 2 lessons (3 more to go) and practiced quite a bit on my own the last 3 times. I spend most of my time practicing on the bunny hill and riding the green 1 to 2 times towards the end of the day. I've learned how to turn on both sides and do some 360 rotations down the hill. I ride goofy but I am trying my best to learn switch at the same time. The stance angles I've tried so far include: 0/10, 5/10, -5/10, -5/15, -10/15, -15/15, and -15/18.

I feel more comfortable riding duck. My plan today is to try -15/15. Practice turning over and over and continue to try carving (carving will be my next lesson in 2 weeks). Ride switch every other run and get comfortable with all those basic techniques mentioned above. Is this learning plan to fast? Should I focus on a specific techinique first before learing to carve?? Am I getting ahead of myself?

Again, I'm a newbie at this. Any advice you can offer is really appreciated especially from the instructors on this board. Thanks in advance!

Mr. Right 01-16-2008 03:52 PM

Good job for taking lessons! And I can't stress how good it is that you are practicing switch while learning. I did the opposite so here I am into my 3rd real season snowboarding and I'm just learning switch, I can still hardly do it. Other than practice practice practice all I can say is keep at it and listen to your instructors.

For your stance angles I think 15/-15 is great, and 12/-12 isn't bad either. Keep both bindings at equal (but opposite) angles if you are trying a lot of switch. It might help you to keep your bindings in one place for a little while until you get used to riding, then experiment, but I'm sure others would disagree. Repitition is key to learning though.

lisevolution 01-17-2008 12:56 PM

you definitely have a great plan and learning switch now will reap you benefits in the long run. I've been riding over 10yrs now and still can't ride switch! I'm trying to teach myself now after all this time while teaching my gf how to get better as well. Learning the way you are is the way most people should...take the lessons and progress along with them. It will help you not develop bad form and habits like most of us have. I'm teaching my gf how to do things and she'll see me ride and say, you don't do it that way...I have to explain to her that I'm doing it wrong because I wasn't taught properly.

Keep doing what you're doing and by the end of the season you'll be money!

reddy 01-28-2008 05:59 PM

Thanks everyone for your input on this so far! Over the past 2 weeks, I've learned how to carve and the green run gets easier every time. I am able to ride switch but still not that good at carving yet. I'm almost there though..just need a few more practice runs on the bunny hill. I still have 3 more lessons left..the 3rd lesson is carving so I guess I'm doing the homework ahead of time. As for my stance, I've decided -15/+15 is most comfortable especially when I ride switch. For those that are trying to learn switch, I found practicing switch riding diagonally downhill on my toeside (facing uphill) repeatedly helps with eliminating the "feel" for your preferred side. This exercise will really burn your calfs though.....

PaoloSmythe 01-29-2008 06:46 AM

sounds like you are doing just fine.

i have settled on 15s for the stance myself. nice and comfy either way.

learning switch when newbie is tough to do coz you just wanna fly down that mountain asap.... but it is a situation that will pay off in the end and so good for you.

just go with what makes you smile and set your board up with whatever feels right for you.

and just carry on having fun with it. enjoying snowboarding really is that simple

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