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Default Did I mess up really bad?

So last year I learned how to snowboard and I was told that to know if I'm goofy or regular I'll need to run and stop myself on one foot. If I stop with the right foot I'm goofy and if I stop with the left one I'm regular. So I learned all last year as regular because I thought that's how I am. But now I was playing around in the house kind of sliding on the floor and then I realized I've been running and landing on my right foot. No matter how many times I do it, the left foot feels just plain weird.

Could I really have learned it wrong all along? Should I keep doing it that way this year because I'm already kind of used to it, or should I start learning it goofy and forget everything? And also, could this maybe be a good thing? Like, learning switch should technically be a lot easier (I'm guessing). Any replies are helpful thank you!
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that's just a theory, it isn't a 100% way to tell. its whatever you think is more comfortable.
why would you forget everything? just learn how to ride switch and your problem is solved, plus it will be better for tricks.
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Just keep going how you have been. If you are naturally goofy and learn to ride regular, your switch riding will be so much easier as you progress. Don't pay attention to the whole which foot you stop with thing, just ride which ever way feels most comfortable.
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ok thanks :)
I'm actually hoping I learned the wrong way tbh, because that would mean learning switch wouldn't be so hard.
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It's only going to help you ride switch in the long run, landing and starting tricks.

Another way to also determine if you're regular or goofy is put a pair of pants on and see what leg you put in first. Whichever leg goes in first is your dominant leg and should go forward in your stance.
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I'm a righty in every single thing I do and ride regular and I always put my left leg in my jeans first
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First 2 years my daughter (7-9 yrs old) learned and rode regular...then she discovered she is really goofy...she has no problems riding either way.
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That's funny, because I read that the "dominant foot" should be in the rear because it's the one you need "strength" to slash the tail arround and pressure it and the lead foot is for "balance" and doesn't need that much strength.

It's all an opinion that depends on how one snowboards vs. another. And all these "tests" aren't always guaranteed to bring out the "natural direction". I've found the slide on floor to be one of the best indicators, as it actually simulates the motion rather than stepping, etc. But some ppl just don't have a natural direction. And some ppl do. Sometimes it's so strong that switch is nearly impossible unless you really really force yourself to get beaten up like crazy to learn.

I bet I can make up one like "which side to you turn your head when sleeping? left = regular, right = goofy" ...and it would prolly have a comparible success rate to the others. Maybe if you average out ALL tests on a noob, you skew the conclusion in one direction.

And the truth is that not every child grew up with splinterless hardwood floors and this might be the first time ever they try to "slide".

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I think you guys are making it too hard. I think one simple rule applies: right dominant = regular, left dominant= goofy.

Obviously there are exceptions, but in most cases that I've seen a right handed goofy rider was actually sort of confused as to what really their dominant side was. IOW ambidextrous to a certain degree. Like writes rightie, throws and kicks leftie. If you fall into that in between category I honestly don't think there is a certain rule that will always be right, just gotta go with what feels more natural.
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Right dominate= Regular Left dominant= Goofy????

How in the world do you get that? I'm guessing you're refering to right handed vs left handed? Becuase a dominate right leg would typically make you goofy not regular.

Thats still like making up the statement "Righties are stronger at frontside spins, Lefties backside."
because I've never found what hand you write with to ever be an indication of riding style. I'm definetly a right handed goofy rider as well as many of my other goofy riding friends..
To legit to quit.
On the move this season.

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