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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
I picked up a few things from this vid. I'm trying to learn the damn butter spin, but can't seem to get it. I think it would be a lot easier on a softer board lol. My backside switches look super nasty too and not in a good way. He makes it look so damn easy.
I got them down by practicing the butter spins on flat snow while not moving(like at the end of a run at the chairlift). Just start slightly on edge and in one motion go into a press and use your upperbody to get the spin going and keep it going by keep your head and shoulders ahead of the snowboard in the spin. It will be really hard at first but keep at it and eventually you'll be able to 360's or higher. It makes the butter spins he's doing in the video so much easier. It also helps a ton with air 360's.

That is a sick video, though I prefer switching from regular to switch with unnatural spins(frontside 180 from toe edge onto your switch toe edge or backside off your heels landing switch heelside, in the instructor world they are called "toe to toes" and "heel to heels"). So much fun!
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Originally Posted by Thad Osprey View Post
Seems like everyone has been quite patient with Rasmasyean so far and tried to explain things nicely. For someone who puts in so much time into detail however, I still cant understand quite a few things. Perhaps I am a little "spastic" myself but its seems like Rasmasyean:

a) does not seem to have a consistent definition of counter-rotation
b) seems to have a poor understanding of what it is
c) builds too much into what is a useful manouvere in APPROPRIATE solutions and treats it as a panacea to all things
d) has used 2 videos which are quite poor justification examples. The dude riding down the hill has loose arms (prob involunary at that due to his quick movements) but his hip and foot movement still appear to initiate his turns and he does seem to use a lot of sliding turns to deal with the steep terrain he is on. I will admit there is counter-rotation thrown in (as a result of rapd anticipatory motion) but this is not sufficient to prove Rasma is right. The buttering video has honestly less arm movement, most of the time the arms are raised to aid balance and movement of the shoulders, but those too arent counter-rotation.

The problem with arguing wth Rasma is that most of the time people take issue with the general premise of what he is proposing. But Rasma will then argue by using the quote function and then try to pick apart specific sentences to defend and justify his point and discredit other people as being inaccurate. This then descends into a war of semantics by which Rasma gains ground by blurring both what he and other people say. And in the process pissing of the IT folks.

Rasma will then appeal to the fact that since some people appear to be using counter-rotation in certain videos he finds, that he is not entirely wrong - just misunderstood and underappreciated by a crowd that is scientifically uninformed and piss poor at physics. All of these are very tiring tactics and potentially harmful for people who are impressionistic and still in their initial learnng phase.

Rasma can appeal to whatever he wants, but unless counter-rotation is used in its PROPER time and place (something Rasma seems more to contradict than agree with in his history of posts)I will still contend that it is an unhelpful and dare I say improper shortcut.

Something tells me, Rasma is now going to click on "quote"............
Here’s your “quote” to make you happy!

First of all, I actually have over 10 years of experience in “IT” so that makes me one of the “IT folks” that I would be presumably trying to “insult”. But you didn’t know that so nice try.

If some of you are so adamant that Ryan’s arms “barely move”, or that he’s not really counter-rotating his turn, James’ arms are just flailing freely like pony tails (i.e. without any kung fu fighting significance), and that my “motion analysis” needs work, then I can’t really win giving you more vids or excepts, or whatever can I? But…here’s a nice switch riding video that actually happens to be on topic. At 00:17, you tell yourself whether or not he’s using his arms to help quickly rotate his board in place.

If some of you STILL can’t see this, then heck if I know, maybe it’s just being “pissed poor at physics” or whatever. Incidentally I was actually just disappointed recently that a nephew I saw over the holiday says that Physics is not required in the American HS curriculum. Which I thought was really bad. And it got me to think, that learning about moments of inertia, rotational dynamics, and such may be part of college physics. I’m not sure so since I don’t know what the heck any of you guys learned or how old you are, etc. don’t take my word for it anymore. Just try the following exercise.

A “drill” used for getting used to board sliding on rails is to do it on a beginner slope but with a little edging (in place of the board slide). You turn your board to 90, and skid in the same direction…then turn it back to 0. Try it 2 ways.

First way: Put you arms to the side and grab your legs and do the ground 90.
Second way: Swing your arms in the opposite direction of your board while doing the ground 90.

Feel for yourself which way is faster. This is a good demonstration because it goes all the way to 90, so if anything, you would HAVE to feel a difference, if there is one.

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i find it easier to nollie front side spins but ollieng backside spins... personal preference really
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