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JediMindGamez 12-27-2010 11:52 PM

Whats Easier, Flat 3s or 3s off a kicker
So I've been trying to learn 3s and like everyone else that posts asking for help with 3s, I open up too early. I think its due to the fact that I'm so use to doing 1s. Even on 15, 20 footers I still open up even though I have plenty of time.

So after seeing the Japanese buttering video I was thinking about learning 3s the same way I learned 1s, flat land first and then doing them off kickers?

Any flaws with this idea? Are flat 3s much harder cause of the lack of air time?


ryannorthcott 12-28-2010 12:27 AM

i just spent the day working on 360s in the park and i've got them down for the most part. when learning i found that flat land 3s didn't help much because you have to spin so fast and try to whip the board around, which is not the same movement you need to do on a 20 ft kicker. to me, the most important thing is the carve up, probably because it is hard for me to translate what i want my body to do and what it actually does while i'm in the air.
i would always open up and land 270 as well until i really focused on bending my knees while in the air and keeping them that way until i was ready to land. i would not straighten my legs until i had done a full 360 rotation. if you throw in a melon or indy grab right when you leave the lip it will force you to stay compressed in the air.
i spent 6 hours in the park today only practicing 360s, and now i can land them 9 times out of 10 when just this morning i had only tried them a handful of times before.
it also helps to get someone to watch you or even video you so you can see what you're doing in the air. it's hard to figure out what you need to improve on when you keep falling and have no idea why because it's pretty much a blur from the lip to the landing.

that's my analysis of it anyways. most important things are a solid carve up and to practice practice practice.

LouG 12-28-2010 12:51 AM

This is an older video for YouTube - SnowBoard Addiction How To Backside 360 Extreme!!

This is the newest one, not on 3s but spinning in general (both directions) YouTube - How to 360, 540 and 720 Frontside or Backside (regular riders) from Snowboard Addiction.

These are probably the most "by-the-book" way to go about learning a 360 or any spin.

alecdude88 12-28-2010 10:22 AM

the only downside to learning them on flat is that you won't get the feel of how they feel in the air. A huge tip that helps me with 3's is keep your head mounted to your shoulder and stare at your bottom left binding so you can see your landing.

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