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Sincraft 02-17-2011 10:49 PM

Thanks Snowolf - finally did it
I watched your videos, just couldnt graps what you were saying until you mentioned some things to me in a thread somewhere in here, it seems to have clicked.

Weight shifting onto the front foot is HARD to graps when you REALLY want to lean back as a newb. I trusted you knew what you were talking about hehe, so I gave it another shot. This time, I didnt catch a back edge and go flying over the board, I did a couple turns like this going slower, but still was 'hop' turning when I went faster.

So I worked on doing this as slow and tight as I could make it happen. It really help ingrain things for me just to run that exercise where you just turn turn turn turn as fast as you can so that when you get going at speeds , it happens.

I think the only issue I'm still having is committing, when I'm going at a good pace, and I know I have some crummy snow to go through, especially when tired, I noticed that I wasn't shifting my weight, I would JUST start to feel that edge bouncing around back there and knew I was going to dump if I didnt throw the board a little.

ODD thing too, when I'm 'doing it right' I dont throw my shoulders , arms , etc. I'm experimenting with my knees more bent for speed etc.

not sure how it looks, but it sure felt great. Awesome even. I was hitting green circle trails and just skating back and forth the whole way down, blues were easy enough for me although some of them that are borderline blue/black, I really had to traverse the slope to get ballsy enough to make the turns.

This was all done on some wet granular tonight. Big warmup came through and killed our packed powder :(

I'm hoping what I was doing will translate to working well on all types including unforgiving ice.

I can't help but feel a bit worried as I shift my weight back over my edge and try VERY hard to put weight on the front foot. Seems like the front foot is doing all the work for me now while it used to be all back foot.

I did lock into a heelside turn from toeside and almost went into the trees once, my weight was too far back, my board was going too far toward the side of the heel, it got caught into a line from a ski or something and just wouldnt turn so I had to hop or dump..

anyway, thanks for the videos and the personal tips. Finally they clicked. Unfortunately it took me my 10th time out boarding to make it happen lol

chowder 02-18-2011 07:33 PM

link to the tutural please?

glad you got this down btw :]

Sincraft 02-19-2011 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by chowder (Post 378296)
link to the tutural please?

glad you got this down btw :]

That best one that I've seen just for grasping it 'finally' after seeing all of Snowolf's vid, was this one (not his though)
YouTube - Snowboard Basics: Linking Turns

entitled 'linking turns' by some big snowboard sales company that no one buys from :)

If you look at the sticky in this forum, there are how to videos. Some are a bit harder to understand due to sound issues and just not getting a very good image as to what is going on up real close.

Watch them all though, they are priceless. They will sink into your head and eventually the stuff you watch on those videos clicks

alot sooner than if just gradually eased your way into doing better, these videos fast forward you..

the one I posted was the final vid that made sense to me,...

chowder 02-24-2011 06:27 AM

hell yea.. thanks!!

[fly] 02-24-2011 08:33 AM

I'd also like to add a word of thanks for Snowolf! You're pretty much awesome, and thanks for all the videos you made!

Donutz 02-24-2011 09:41 AM

Yeah, me too. I finally tried the deep S curves on a black diamond after looking at the diagram that SW did (can't remember which thread). It showed braking happening at the top half of the C, which had never clicked with me before. I tried it this week and it works great. Only problem I'm having is if I get out of the rhythm and start braking at the bottom of the C again, it's very difficult to correct.

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