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Hisakix 02-27-2011 12:33 PM

Intermediate Progression
Sorry if this has been asked before, but I tried searching for steeps, bumps, moguls, icy, bombing but I didn't find the info I needed.

I'm currently riding in the East Coast and riding a mixture of blacks and blues. The steeps I am okay with but it is the number of "bumps" or "moguls" I encounter each day (esp mid - end of the day). I understand why these bumps form but is there a trick to traversing this type of terrain? I know you pick a line and go around them but often times there are just too many in randomly placed locations and results in too much speed loss. These bumps are not significantly high.

Secondly, early in the day and when ppl are not around I pick a side area on the slope and try to bomb some blacks and blues with these same bumps. I bend my knees significantly, I try to arch my back to be inline with the board, and I make a conscious effort to not lean back. I wiped out about 2/3 down the slope each time I tried this. Is there a trick to going over these bumps at higher speeds or is it just a "gotta do more of it and u'll get comfortable" kind of thing?


Donutz 02-27-2011 08:05 PM

As it happens, I've just been working through this particular issue on Unicorn. The run starts out beautiful, smooth, and steep first thing in the morning (especially on a full-on-snow day like today) but after a few hours of everyone having the same idea, it's pretty chopped up. Strangely, (and SW may tell me this is bad form) I find that trying to stay "weight forward" when hitting the bumps is actually counter-productive. I certainly bring my weight onto my front foot to make the turns, but when hitting the bumps I let my front leg looser than my back leg, so although I'm not actually leaning back, I'm still carrying most of my weight on my back leg. The loose front leg makes hitting a bump feel kind of like a cross between an ollie and a good shock absorber. Also, I bend my knees significantly more when hitting these bumps so that my legs flex more easily. Hope this helps.

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