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sugar_099 03-02-2011 03:35 PM

Little jumps/bumps, newb question
There's no terrain park at my local hill, but as I was just cruising down I go into what we call the wind tunnel, where they build the half-pipe later on march for a competition, it's almost untouched and nice and I don't even notice theres a small bump that send me up, I land fine [this is only my second season, 7th time out ever] and I see right ahead there's a natural jump, and I say screw it, and take it. What a feeling! I felt like a real snowboarder and that second in the air was awesome. And I landed it. So I went again. This time I set myself up nice because I know where I'm going, and I pop my board, and amazing, again, what a feeling! Land, look back at my track and I really got nice distance over it!

The next couple runs I screw it up because I start over thinking it and slowing myself down so I don't hit the first small bump, which just messes everything up. The minute I started thinking I couldn't land it anymore, so I just shut my brain off after 2 failed tries, and just do it. And it works, not the great feeling as the first time because I held myself back. I wish I was young and fearless like I used to be, haha!

So after my ephiphany moment of how much I love that feeling of being in the air, I am going to start practising that. Go to the bigger hill that for a few days, hey have a terrain park there and also a beginners one. Any tips on getting started? Good videos I can watch. I don't think rails/boxes will interest me as much, mostly jumps, obviously tiny ones at first. But you never know, I didn't think I would love hitting jumps today so much. Can't wait to go back tomorrow:D

BlackBlue55 03-02-2011 10:03 PM

I think the stickied videos at the top of this sub-forum are wonderfully helpful. SnoWolf's videos probably helped me the most. I find that it pays greatly to be as technical as possible and analyze your form very skeptically. The depth of snowboarding is addicting and highly entertaining. I just keep wanting to learn more and more.

Also, there are a few videos from that are helpful. I saw one on YouTube recently that was really helpful in describing how to set up the approach for 1's and 3's.

I hit my first jumps last week, and the rush you get is amazing!

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