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carvebeast 03-08-2011 06:47 PM

BS Rodeo Help...
title pretty much says it all, i want to get rodeos on lock before the season ends. i spin 3s and 1s no problem both ways, back flips are on lock and i can do them on features big enough to lay them out (legs straight) and rotate very slowly. i've watched a few how to's for rodeos but its tough for me to get the idea of the rotation. i have not made any attempts yet, but am ready to give it a whirl this weekend. a few questions...

1.) how big of a jump should i use to learn them on? when i first learned backs, i know i was able to learn them on fairly small jumps; i feel like the rodeo is more of a naturally slow rotation and may need to start working on them on a fairly poppy lip/decent gap. anyone able to learn them on smaller stuff?

2.) the idea of setting up on my toe edge and then flipping off of my heel edge in a sideways/barrel roll motion in order to drop my shoulder and set up for the spin seems very foreign to me. my flips are very much end over end straight on style. any tips for getting used to the difference?

i know that in the end, ive got the tools i need to learn them and i just need to sack up and go for it. any other tips would be greatly appreciated. i will post footage of my attempts if i find the right feature to give it a go this weekend. thanks dudes.

seant46 03-08-2011 07:52 PM

Honestly man, it just seems like you need to go for it. You can do them on smaller jumps just like backflips.
Yeah when I learned them it scared me of carving up like a backside spin and flipping off the heel edge too. I know exactly what you mean by that but after 1 or 2 you should be good. You'll get em right away I bet, VERY similar to a reg backflip:thumbsup:

No real advice here just encouragement lol

Music Moves 03-08-2011 08:00 PM

Just poppin' in to state that I support this thread 100%... I'll record.

ohsleeper 03-09-2011 05:27 AM

what i do is i stay looking forward, come up the jump with a bit of toeside pressure then at the lip snap off of your heels. keep your head looking forward for the beginning of the flip (you will find that the flip comes around much faster in a barrel roll than wildcat style) then as its coming around turn your head and shoulders backside to get the 180. then as with all bs switch landings, spot the landing looking behind you.

go for it. spring snow is your friend

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