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EC99SS 01-03-2012 12:50 AM

What is exactly meant by "loading" and "unloading"
I'm having trouble visualizing the mechancis. What is meant by loading and unloading in regards to camber vs reverse-camber.

From what I understand, in a traditional camber, you need to load the camber by flexing the board to a point where the camber is flattened before a turn is initiated. Once this is done you now put pressure on the contact points of the nose and tail. But how is that done in terms of mechanics? In laymans terms does this "loading" mean weighting the nose when initiating a turn and the tail when exiting? Or does it mean once I'm on the board the camber is loaded and the contact points are now under constant pressure?

I also read somewhere on reverse-camber: ...boards make your life better by eliminating the need to load camber. The base is level for various lengths depending on the version and intent of the board. This creates stability for going straight and fast on a flat base. The contact points are elevated.

A 2nd question is if the contact points are up (as noted above) how does it help with effortless and/or quicker turn initiation? I thought the contact points need to be engaged to do that.

Thanks. I guess I never really thought of all this before. After really looking into it, I got confused.


EC99SS 01-03-2012 11:36 AM

Snowolf -
Thanks! That's perfect. I understand it much better now. You certainly have a knack for explaining everything in easy to understand reading. Many props to you! Thanks again.

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