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slyder 01-24-2012 07:58 PM

Gonna try my 1st 360, tips....
Ok gang,

Many of you have seen my park adventures for this year and I am ready to try to step it up again.
My buddy I ride with and that we encourage/push each other to try new tricks, are going to the park after work tomorrow.

The plan is to try a 3 for both of us, subject to change. I don't have 1's on lock and I am planning to try 3's & 1's on a small, smooth, mellow jump. Other than the input lock up 1's first which I may do instead of 3's, again plan is subject to change.

Any tips from your first attempts at a FS 360???

Donutz 01-24-2012 08:29 PM

Personally I'd do a BS 360 first. More time to visualize the landing. More time to estimate the size of the crater you're about to create :laugh:

slyder 01-24-2012 08:31 PM

True but I've been practicing FS 3's all summer in the basement and I've really worked on spotting the landing blind. I have even practiced this at work on my lunch hours so I'm much more comfortable with the FS 3 at this point even though I haven't thrown one.

Donutz did you see SA released a flip not there but was cool to watch same great video teaching technique

gprider_capita 01-24-2012 09:23 PM

While attempting a FS 360 regular footed, start by riding on the left side of the jump then turn on your toe edge towards the middle of the jump while loading legs and winding your arms, then as you get to the lip of the jump go to your heel edge, pop off the lip, and unwind your head and look behind you to your left side. After you spin past 180 then bend your knees and try to spot your landing.

Cr0_Reps_Smit 01-24-2012 09:24 PM

do whatever spin you are gonna feel more comfortable with, every one is different. i personally learned frontside first cause thats just what came naturally to me but i know many people who are the opposite.

one of the most important things in spinning is the set up turns and your timing with those turns. im going to assume you are regular to explain this but if you are goofy just flip them.

when you are dropping in you are gonna wanna start on the left hand side of the jump, slowly edge towards the right hand side of the jump on your toes then once you get towards the base of the jump you get back on your heel edge and make a nice mellow arc going back towards the left. though when doing this you dont want to hook to much back, you want to come off the jump so your trajectory is sending you straight over the jump and not too much to the sides. that is where the timing comes into play because if you start edging to early youll hook back and drift to the left. heres a little picture i drew to help give you a better idea of what im saying.

the 2nd most important thing is to be patient with the lip and not try to pop to early causing you to "pre spin" or start spinning while you are still on the lip. when ever im coaching people to spin i try and tell them to wait till your front foot is JUST about to leave the lip before you pop, then once you pop you "put your chin to the shoulder" as i like to say and just make sure you are looking over your shoulder.

for the landing a lot of people tend to over rotate a bit because they wait till the can actually SEE the landing before the open up for it, but by that time you are already pretty much are the 3, so i always say to spot it the same way you would a back 1(hopefully youve done those a bit already) and spot your landing by looking up hill at the 270, this will slow you done enough and its better to come out a teeny bit short as long as you land on your toes.

thats pretty much all there is to it and if theres anything you didnt get just let me know.

jyuen 01-24-2012 11:33 PM

it also helps to learn the 3's going sideways on the mountain and jumping over the small bumps/moguls... that way you learn to stay on your toe's for back 3's and on your heels for front 3's.

if your park has a half pipe, you can take this principle to the next level by dropping in at the very bottom of the halfpip where its just a tiny little jump.. again going side to side and practice your front/back 3's there...

from there.. progress to dinky park jumps...

not sure when you move from dinky park jumps to larger jumps...i haven't quite made that transition yet

john doe 01-25-2012 04:15 AM

Follow what the SA video teaches about learning on side hits. I found that short poppy side hits to be best for learning a 360. Something that pops you up instead of throwing you out. That way you have less forward speed to bone you when you come up short on the spin.

slyder 01-25-2012 06:12 AM

Thanks everyone, I am a goofy rider and was able to put all the tips into goofy form for me to understand and use.

My home hill is very small and side hits to practice this on are very hard to come by. Most ramps are set ups for features and if it went bad there is a chance you would smash into the feature or other riders, kinda tight area.
I have done some BS 1's and I have practiced popping 3 across the fall line so I hope that this will help.

I will re-scope the base of some of the jumps to see if I can use them as side hits but that will also depend on if it is crowded as that could be dangerous.
Again this may be reconsidered, I will feel out the night and hopefully have something good to reply back with, maybe a pic or two to add to my park adventure thread.

Again thanks for the tips !!!!!

CheeseForSteeze 01-25-2012 08:57 AM


Originally Posted by Cr0_Reps_Smit (Post 472813)
the 2nd most important thing is to be patient with the lip and not try to pop to early causing you to "pre spin" or start spinning while you are still on the lip.

This is probably the hardest part for me when I learned front and back threes and when I relearned front 3 off the heels (instead of toes), I had to relearn it all over again. If you can do that and the set-up turn, you can front three. Then it's just a matter of doing it so the blind landing is easy. That part feels awesome, blind landings are sick once you start stomping them.

Good luck and have fun.

Joe_ 01-25-2012 07:45 PM

I know where you are coming from.
Right now I'm in the same boat as you Slyder, trying to learn 3s. I just wanted to say the has half of their advanced spinning video on youtube for free, and it has really helped me. As a fellow goofy rider, here is the link to the goofy version:p

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