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skip11 02-21-2012 09:37 PM

Feedback on my riding
This was taken 2 weeks ago or last week. This is my 3rd season around 56 days total.

skip11 02-21-2012 09:38 PM

Doesn't want to embed, not sure why.

lonerider 02-21-2012 09:52 PM


Originally Posted by skip11 (Post 486465)
Doesn't want to embed, not sure why.

I think it's because you made the video unlisted (only people with the direct link can see it).

You riding looks pretty good. You don't counter-rotate your shoulders with respect to your hips, you have good toe-heel ankle flexion and your body moves as one unit (good job on keeping your weight over the board). In general you are decently dynamic (i.e. you keep a smooth rhythm linking one edge to the other) although sometimes I can see you have a little tendency to "sit-in" your heelside carve a little bit (like the two turns around 0:35) instead of driving through with your hips and shoulders into the direction of your turn (you look tentative and didn't fully commit to the turn... could be the snow was sketchy over there, I can't see in the video).

Anyways... that's my quick assessment. I bet Snowolf will give you a much more detail analysis.

gprider_capita 02-21-2012 09:53 PM

great job carving, what kind of jacket and goggles are those? they match so perfectly

skip11 02-21-2012 10:21 PM

@lone: I'll try driving more with the hips and shoulders next time :)

Death 02-21-2012 10:26 PM

Your toe-edge carves are stronger than your heel-side carves.

Nefarious 02-21-2012 10:52 PM

Nothing to give feedback on. You're using the run and in control the entire time. You look like you're having a blast and you're riding with the same vigor that I like to. It feels like you're flowing deep into carves. Great riding and great vid.

Keep it up. :thumbsup:

firstx1017 02-21-2012 11:13 PM

Hell, you are doing what I can only "wish" I could do! lol I will get there.... someday....

Then again, you are probably some young buck with no achy body parts! lol

skip11 02-21-2012 11:22 PM

@first: Yepp, still only 22 here haha :P

firstx1017 02-21-2012 11:47 PM

lol - 22 - I knew it - young buck!!! lol Impressive from my point of view....


Originally Posted by skip11 (Post 486519)
@first: Yepp, still only 22 here haha :P

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