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Chris 03-18-2012 10:50 PM

should i change my stance ?
I ride a 0/0 goofy and i've ridden that for 4 years. I ride park and all mountain. But i've heard like a 15/-15 is better for park, so just wondering what your advice is. Thanks!

grafta 03-18-2012 11:09 PM

I'm laughing so hard right now. Teh awesome! You win the internet. I lose. Good form sir :thumbsup:

MistahTaki 03-19-2012 12:09 AM

Riding 15/12 feels best for me. Riding 0/0 is pretty ridiculous haha

Jollybored 03-19-2012 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by grafta (Post 496893)
I'm laughing so hard right now. Teh awesome! You win the internet. I lose. Good form sir :thumbsup:


I think that was just a smiley face

linvillegorge 03-19-2012 12:16 AM

Is this real life?

I'd love to see someone riding with 0/0 angles.

MistahTaki 03-19-2012 12:20 AM

Especially park. That would be hilarious

Argo 03-19-2012 12:30 AM

talk about jerking some knee and ankle ligaments around, you bowlegged or something?

really though, 15/-15 or 15/-10 or somewhere in there is good. My son rides 18/-12 usually..

Ttam 03-19-2012 12:42 AM

15/-13 is perfect for me. Riding at 0/0? Are you fucking crazy?

chronicsmoke 03-19-2012 07:35 AM

You guys laugh but I went out with my buddy who is riding a 162 Burton Bullet trad. camber deck.. We switched up because I wanted him to try a rocker and holy fuck.. he had a ridiculous setback(max. setback you can go) with his feet as close together as possible and a 0/0 degree stance, and get this.. A HUGE set back to the heel side (so much that his heels would drag on carves, but his toes were bearely even at the edge..

Some people just have absolutely no Idea how what they are doing.. He's been riding like that for years

chronicsmoke 03-19-2012 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by Snowolf (Post 496970)
Stranger things can be seen. I had a student who was severely pigeon toed and his toes literally pointed inward about -15/15. He physically could not ride duck or anything approaching a 0/0. We tried a few things from -9/12 and finally found a forward stance with the front foot at 3 and the back foot about 21 worked best for his condition. There are lots of medical issues out there and you will see some pretty strange shit but hey, whatever works and gets them on the snow having fun.

That was actually why he had a 0/0.. But the heel/tail setbacks were just strange haha

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