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Jollybored 09-03-2012 03:08 AM

Another critique and feedback thread!
Hey Guys,

Have a vid of me and my bro boarding. There is quite a bit of filming nothing as we are pretty novice at it!

Any feedback would help with what we are doing right/wrong; this is only my second season (started last spring) at it and its his 4th.

Im the first one in the black jacket and blue pants.
Hes in the grey and plaid.

I know I was going a bit slower than usual as I was really conscious about the video for some reason. I also manage to catch my edge at the very end :laugh:

If that doesnt work - heres the link DSCF2017 - YouTube


DSCF2011 - YouTube

Not quite sure how to embed the videos if anyone can help me out on that too!

Thanks in advance guys!

Jollybored 09-03-2012 04:32 PM

Thanks for the feedback Snowolf!

Its really different when you watch yourself on video, you tend to notice things you dont think you are doing :confused:

Funny thing is, we were talking about ruddering right before we took these :laugh: but decided it was a hard habit to break as it felt more "comfortable"

With #1, I always thought I was using the sidecut to some extent but by watching the vid it looks like im just sliding down on the edges heh. Kinda sucks but I know where im going wrong!

I guess 2 and 4 are related? with the open upper body, it leads the back hand to come out?
I dont really have an issue initiating toeside turns but sometimes I feel I have to push that little extra or force my hips through it - I guess this is from the open body going the other way?

With the stance, I think there is a little bit of laziness there from the slope but man I honestly thought I was doing more there! More bending here I come! :D

We will definitely take this on board especially for the next time we are out!
Thanks again!:thumbsup:

Jollybored 09-03-2012 05:05 PM

Ill give it a go, I have a few ideas where to try it :P

beall 09-03-2012 05:17 PM

The video are not the best, can do a bit of editing taken out the pov on the snow bit. But still show the ridings.

As always, great feedback on the ridings Snowolf. My riding is very similar to the OP and will definitely try to correct my ridings this weekend. Might need to find a buddy to film me while riding and post it here for any criticism...:)

By the way, I did the cat tracks over the weekend and it was alot of fun doing skidded turns to slow down.

Jollybored 09-03-2012 11:58 PM

Yea, it was kind of an impromptu video taking. I was trying to edit it but gave up after going nowhere with it :laugh:

I'm not going to lie but I actually thought I was a better rider that that but seeing it first hand really put it into perspective.

dreampow 09-04-2012 04:32 AM

Editing is pretty easy and it will make your videos presentable, right now half of it is like being on a roller coaster so its pretty hard to watch.

Snowolf is the man for instruction:thumbsup::thumbsup:.

I just wanted to say that everybody sees themselves as better than they are in any sport, thats why video footage is priceless as well as objective impartial analysis.

Anyway, if you are able to put up a video and listen to peoples objective advice you are well ahead of most people.

That humility and ability to put yourself out there will help you improve in leaps and bounds:thumbsup::thumbsup:.

I put up a few videos on here and I really feel it helped me take a big step forward and I will continue to post up once it snows.

It always amuses me that most people who like to talk shit, criticize others and act like a badass never post vids of themselves riding:dunno:.

Jollybored 11-13-2012 04:46 PM

Completely forgot about this thread!
Just as an end of season recap, no video this time!
Huge thanks for the advice! Mainly the results we felt were:

We both found that we were lasting much longer :cheeky4:, generally on previous occasions, our back legs/quads would be burning and starting to cramp towards the end of the day. But we did find that we were not feeling that pain anymore - nowhere near as intense as before. It has been a conscious struggle to try to end the ruddering and seems we have decreased it to an extent.

I have been using alpine replay and measuring my speed - it jumped 10kph+ without trying to push it.

I did feel that I was squatting a bit too much getting into toeside turns and looked as if I was taking a dump - turns did feel better and will probably work this out as I get to ride more.

Looking forward to next season to pick this back up and to get my riding smoother!

I'll let you guys get into your season in the northern hemisphere and watch from the sidelines :)

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