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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
Because of the relatively poor snow conditions this week, I've been practicing switch a lot the last couple of days. It takes a day or two of practice to be able to ride green runs while linking turns cleanly. I think by the end of the week I'll be able to ride anything short of tough blacks in switch.

Biggest problem I'm having right now is that I find my edge transition is delayed when going from heelside to toeside. Kind of a reluctance to commit. I can overcome it by concentrating on it, and eventually I'll be confident enough that it'll be automatic.

Thats the same problem I have that I'm trying to improve on. My turn initiation feels slow and sloppy when Im riding switch. I'm sure my directional board doesn't help things much but i think i really just need to force myself to ride switch more often. let me know if you find any secrets to getting this down quickly

I wish i learned switch when i was first starting out, i hate going back to riding like a beginner...its like going from a fancy mountain bike back to using training wheels
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you dont have switch down, until you start landing switch straight airs
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Originally Posted by rasmasyean View Post
Well, my story is I rode regular and was able to do double black diamonds my second time snowboarding. Not really fast, but maybe fall only 20% of the way? I took me so much more switch riding I lost count before I can do double blacks. I think like snowolf says, you pretty much are imprinted with your usual riding. Then when you do switch, it feels really arward and scary. Not only muscle memory, but just looking in that direction and having a blind spot on the opposite side is really weird and you just have to force yourself to do it.

Now, to date, I prolly logged more switch than regular because I use it to "save energy" for doing hard stuff regular when the opportunity arises. But STILL if I had to guess, my switch is 80% as good as regular!

But I would agree somewhat on the front foot weighting. That's one way to keep your stance switch and not reverting when you don't want to. It's a matter of conciously doing it to break that habit before you body will get used to switch.
god i just love claims like that.
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do they even make chaps with asses?
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I think they call them pants
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Originally Posted by walove View Post
you dont have switch down, until you start landing switch straight airs
So true...
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Originally Posted by Sudden_Death View Post
So, any advice on drills or tips to keep your weight forward? I was doing alright yesterday then picked up too much speed and wound up going full on scorpion when trying to revert back to normal.
I don't know much this will help. I've been learning switch the past 2-3 seasons. Once I get into what feels like a proper position, I grab the cargo pocket on my pants. I guess I feel this help me stay in that position and keep things lined up while concentrating on edge transition. Maybe it's just a mental thing because I learned to ride that way, but I'm self taught so I have no idea if this is a good practice for others. Oh and I'm at the point where I can ride most blues some blacks comfortably at speed, but still revert back to normal when I get into crowded areas. Again could be a mental block, it just doesn't feel like I have quite the fine edge control at lower speeds, and I'm not as quick edge to edge.

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The best advice I have for you, is honestly stop sounding like a puss and go for it. It's just like learning it all over, you just gotta man up and do it. your gonna suck at first so it'll take some patience.

Best advice as to making the learning process easier is start by moving into switch from regular all the time and back until it starts to get old and comfy then just go for a switch turn. Then when you get into switch try to stay there for a while don't always resort to regular at the first sign of difficulty.
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Learning switch is all about practice. As people said dial back the terrain and just do it. It will come with practice.

I was riding switch my 3rd and 4th days on a board (not well of course) and I have always made a point of riding lots of switch to try and balance the use of my body and my brain.

I would recommend to any beginner to start working on switch as soon as they are comfortable riding greens.

I don't like the idea of building up too much muscle/nervous system imbalance.

These days its rare I spend an entire run facing one way and love to ride switch in powder and on tree runs.

I have a swallow tail board that floats really well, but I just don't like the idea of being stuck going one way all day.
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Originally Posted by IdahoFreshies View Post
god i just love claims like that.
The statement is true even if the person is doing falling leaf the whole way. And I've seen plenty of idiots going on runs that are way above their abilities.

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Originally Posted by ARSENALFAN View Post
I was doing pretty good and decided to pick up the tempo on a blue run. Then I caught a nasty edge and wrenched my wrist. At that point I pretty much decided that switch riding will be used when coming out of 180s and that is it. I get too cocky and confident riding switch on groomers and then always pay a price with a nasty fall. I don't find it difficult at all to ride switch. It is difficult to avoid injury....haha
This is totally me. I need to spend a day riding switch and I think I could improve fairly quickly, but as someone that only gets 15-20 days I feel like its a wasted day. The next weekday I get at one of my local hills I may give it a shot.. for at least half the day.
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A drill we did the other day for doing intermediate carves for switch:

1) Head to a green hill
2) Riding switch
3) Make a complete turn on one of your edges, think smile
4) Try and get as much angulation and inclination as possible
5) Go very slow

The goal is that you will fall at least once. If you don't you are not getting enough angulation or you are going to fast. It forces you push the limit of your balance on the edge. Apparently this is on the CASI level 2 test, hence I am practicing it.
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