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dabears 02-18-2013 08:08 PM

where to look when jibbing
So I'm starting to move to the advance park. And of course the most prevalent and major changes are the kickers.
I have been toying with this rail for the past 2 days and can not get a "lock".

Im curious as to where I should be looking during all stages.

approaching rail, looking at the rail
in air prior to landing, looking down at the rail
on rail, looking at the end of the rail
ride off into the sunset, the sunset!

Im also curious about the approach.
Currently I ride the kicker almost completely parallel to the rail, then when in the air do my 90 and try to land on the rail.
I think some of my problem is commitment, because Im not shifting enough weight onto the left side, so im constantly slipping to the right prior to "locking" on. Some times i just chicken out, tap the rail, and go back straight (however this has help to build confidence and kept me from any major falls).

IdahoFreshies 02-19-2013 12:19 AM

I have always been told to look to the end of the rail, then spot your landing off of it. As we all know in boarding you usually go where you are looking, so if you are staring anywhere other than the end of the rail little tiny movements will send you off.

dabears 03-19-2013 10:56 AM

Just wanted to followup on this post and go over some of the things I learned over the past few weeks

Hitting the rail on an angle helps (was doing parallel before) to get the rail where you want it (under middle, or a single leg).

Keeping wait centered or possibly a little front loaded depending on what your doing, while on the kicker to the rail. I noticed that after a few successful attempts I would try to hit it at a higher speed, this caused me to instinctively lean back more on the kicker. If your weight is to much on the back foot then that side will slip out once you get on the rail.

I went to park city the other day and their rails where alot lower to the ground then what I have been hitting at Pow Mow. This was very nice because I was able to plan out my landing more. you can figure out where on the rail you want to land when jumping from the kicker (like what Snowolf is talking about above). Once you have that down things get alot easier. Figuring out your trajectory when jumping from the kicker is a major part of it all. But its one of those fundamental skills that goes further then just park activities.

Thanks to the replies above, and if any one who knows more sees something wrong please speak up, this is only what I have learned to be true over the past few weeks.

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