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blackbeard 02-25-2013 12:56 AM

New gear and can't initiate toeside
I've been riding around 15 days total and up until end of last season I felt really comfortable linking turns. Like it was second nature, even on blues. Fast forward to this season...I bought new stiffer boots (F22s. Before I had dialogues) and bindings (k2 company) to throw on my ride machete and I'm having the hardest time initiating a toe side turn. And when i do a crappy job of getting in my toes i just dont feel comfortable. A lot of times I feel like the board is going to slip from under me. To compound the problem, my heel turns are exaggerated (board starts to be perpendicular to the fall line).

I've tried everything I've read on the forums (narrowing stance a bit, dip shoulder, knees bent, hip thrust) and can't seem to fix it. I'm having a mental block and it's really annoying me. My instinct is to blame the new equipment but I think it's the Indian, not the arrow.

I ride goofy, +15/-9.

I'm actually on a ski trip now and am considering a lesson to fix the problem. Any input is appreciated.

blackbeard 02-25-2013 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by Snowolf (Post 770817)
This is tough to diagnose without video of your technique or a really detailed description of exactly what body movements you are making in order to try to steer your board.

There are a couple of things you said that may give hints as to what "could" be going on. First, you went to a stiffer boot. I have found that stiffer boots inhibit my ability to dynamically flex my ankles in order to use inoculation to use board tilt properly and I have to revert back to inclination and lean way over the edge to tilt the board. This can create that "slipping out" phenomenon you describe.

Secondly, you switched bindings. Double check to see if your boot is centered on your board. It is possible that you may have the binding mounted too far back toward the heel edge of the board. Additionally, check the heel cup adjustment of the binding to make sure it does not allow the boot to sit too far back. You can have the base plate of the binding centered just fine, but if the boot sits back too far, it creates the same issue.

If your equipment checks out fine, then it must be a riding technique issue and the best way to figure it out is to get video or be very detailed in exactly what you are doing to try to initiate your turns.

Hi Snowolf,

Thanks for the advice! I've learned a lot from reading your other posts that give out great advice.

I spent the day today going back to basics and it made a huge difference. I also changed the angle of my back foot from -9 to -12 and felt much more comfortable. My back foot was no longer pushing itself forward and causing the back of the board to swing forward. Got a few more days left so def going to keep practicing the turns.

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