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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Rider3, welcome!

Since you are are a level 2, I wont go into details right now but feel free to ask how I use these drill and introduce them. Obviously as a level 2 you understand the concept of teaching and presenting things in the static, simple, complex and task model so you should have no problem coming up with a lesson plan. Some of the tings I like to use with my intermediates going to advanced that really help them with both becoming dynamic in their riding movements and improving their overall riding are as follows:

Up unweighting and down unweighting:

Leapers as an drill for up unweighting: Making the edge changes in the air after the pop.

Inverted leapers: The rapid drop from an extended position to unweight the board and make the quick edge change.

Fore-aft movements

Turning with weight fully forward: Get the riders to put all of their weight on the front foot and have them make about 4-6 turns.

Turning with weight fully aft: Get the riders to put all of their weight on the back foot and have them make 4-6 turns.

Discussion and rider feedback: Ask the riders what they felt about both turns. Hint: they should feel that turn entry is super solid with weight fully forward but turn completion sucks. Turn initiation sucks with the weight fully aft but turn completion is super quick.

Fore-aft movements while riding green terrain using medium radius turns: The riders shift onto the front foot to initiate the turn, then shift aft at turn apex to complete the turn.

Dolphin turns: After the aft shift, have the riders pop to up unweight and make the edge change in the air. While still in the air, do the forward shift so the nose "dives" into the snow starting the new turn.


Extensions while traversing: Have the riders begin a traverse on their toeside edge and slowly flex super low. As they ride in the toeside traverse, have them extend briskly and pay attention to what the board does Hint: it carves uphill more. They will also notice that it carves downhill a bit with the rapid flexion. This teaches them how extending through the turn improves their carving and tightens the turn.

Timing flexing and extending: Have then flex as low as they can get to initiate the turn and extend slowly through the entire turn and have them report how it feels to them.

Edge change drill:

Have the riders straight line a gentle green run and make rapid heel-toe-heel-toe edge changes to get a feel for the timing and how the board feels making these quick edge changes.

Pivot slips:

Static: Have the riders use their hips and legs to pivot their boards under them and see if they can get to 90 degrees.

Simple: Have them rotate their shoulders and torso 90 degrees to the board and then do these pivots. This teaches them about upper-lower body separation.

Task: Have the riders start a sideslip down an easy blue run with their shoulders aligned with the run not the board. As they ride, have them do these board pivots from a sidesilp and focus on them keeping the shoulders aligned with the slope.


Static: Have the riders start by shifting their boards side to side with their hips and rolling their ankles. Next have them bounce off of their tip and tail when doing this to feel the spring in the tips.

Simple: Have them start flexing just their back leg as they shift the board in the direction of their front foot. Then have them do rapid extensions of the back leg and pop off of the tail

Complex: Have the riders do actual Ollies while stationary on flat ground and see how high they can go and how quick they can shift back to center to level their boards.

Task: Have the riders do small Ollies while straight lining gentle green terrain.

I have a lot more but that ought to give you something to work with. All of these drills are terrific for getting an intermediate rider who is pretty static to begin to get more dynamic. The Ollies help with freestyle and free riding and the fact that it is a freestyle maneuver will tend to make them feel that this drill is pretty cool....
Thanks a ton snowolf, just printed this off for my own reference. No, not for coaching but for learning!
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Thanks Snowolf. I'm familiar with most of these drills, but it was a good refresher, as I've stopped using some of those drills for some reason. The leapers are one I haven't played with much, so I'm looking forward to giving those a go.

I love the pivot slips, we do a version called picture box turns where we don't actually change edges but steer the nose down into the fall line, bring the board back across the fall line, then steer the tail down, all the while keeping our upper body faced down the fall line. The picture box part comes from creating a "frame" with our hands, stretching them out in front of us and putting an object inside that is directly down the fall line. as we pivot the board underneath us, we try to keep the object in our frame - if you get upper body movement, you lose the object. You've probably used that one.

We also do a pretty cool little static drill I'll offer up in return - it may not be new to y'all, but I just learned it. Pair up two people. Have one with their board on, one off. Person with board is on their heel edge, person without stands in front of them with one foot jammed up underneath the other person's board. The person with their board on then twists the front of the board down toward the toe edge, starting with the front foot, until the board meets the snow and begins to turn, then follows with the back foot to bring the back of the board around. Great for really showing how the front foot can be used to create a strong/smooth initiation move, and the back foot can add steering and shaping to the turn. Might be hard to picture, but putting it into practice is fun. Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by jlm1976 View Post
For my instructors I like to take something simple that we teach beginners and work it into upper level riding. For example, do some side slipping and focus opening/closing the ankles to tilt the board. Then do the same thing in a Traverse, opening and closing the ankles to make the Traverse carved/skidded. Then do skidded turns to sideslip by using the ankles to lower the edge angle at the end of the turn, then do skidded turns to a carved Traverse by increasing edge angle with the ankles at the end of the turn.
You can skip any of the parts in the middle depending on the group but everyone will have a solid idea how the can use their ankles to regulate edge angle
That's just one example. You could also have them do some carved turns and then make a triple edge change between turns using the ankles.

For a drill, a fun one for developing down unweighting
is to make gs carves but connect the carve tracks so there is no gap between them at the edge change. I gave you the what and the why for that but you can figure out the how!
can not WAIT to try the triple edge change and hopefully i'll have the "how" for connecting the tracks figured out here shortly. thanks so much.
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