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Welcome New Riders And New Members

In this section, post FAQ`s, and advice guidelines.
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Snowboarding Forum Message Board

Site News, Updates and Suggestions

Post your input, questions and suggestions about the site, or report problems with the site here.
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Meets and Events

Know of an event or casual meet coming up, or are you hosting one? Post it in here.
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Community Help

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Snowboarding Equipment


Discussion about boards here aka "your stick"...
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You got to strap onto your ride somehow, unless you are a noboarder.
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Remember when Sorels were the high end snowboard boot? Probably not. Things have changed, talk about what you put on your dawgs in here.
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Outerwear and Accessories

Talk about your goggles, gloves, helmets, jackets, pants, what is in your pants...
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Equipment Reviews
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Binding Reviews

Got a new set of bindings? Review them here for others to see!
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General Equipment Reviews.

Got new boots? outerwear? gloves? a new avalanche beacon? Post reviews here for others to see!
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Snowboarding Travel

General Travel Forum

Discussion forum for all travel related topics.
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Resort Trip Reports

Post reports of your shredding at the resorts you visit. Pictures welcome!
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When the sun goes down, the nightlife begins.
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Back Country Travel

Discussions about back country riding and travel. Post trip reports, safety information and equipment reviews that pertain to the back country.
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Backcountry Trip Reports

Post your backcountry trip reports here. Pictures and condition reports welcome.
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Snowboarding Lifestyle

Music Discussion

Discuss your favorite tunes to snowboard to.
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Discuss the latest fashion and culture associated with snowboarding.
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Slam Section

Help, I've pulled my grundle!!! Unfortunately injuries are part of the sport. Talk about your injuries, treatment, doctors in here. This is not a forum to diagnose your injury. If you can't figure that one out, neither can we. Go see a doctor...
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Photography, Video, and Other Media

Make sure you post pictures of your sister... Okay, we'll give this a try. Get your nerd on in here.
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Snowboarding Lounge

Snowboarding General Chat

If it doesnt belong in an area above, post it in here!
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Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching

Need advice to help you progress to the next level in your riding? This is the place to get the coaching and encouragement that will will get you there.
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Discuss snowboarding and wintersports games
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If you've had snowboarding equipment stolen, post a thread indicating where, when, items, and pix if available.
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Member Blogs

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Classified section

Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment

Buy and sell your snowboard boots, bindings, boards and other gear.
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Buy and Sell Other Items

buy and sell personal items not related to snowboarding.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Regional Forums

Regional Forums: United States

Click here for a list of regions within the United States.
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Regional Forums: Canada

Click here for a list of regions within Canada.
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