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  • Tziminhio ·
    Hi bro!
    Goodmorning from Greece. I just saw that you are a top poster, so I believe that you are one of the most experienced members in the forum. So , I need your help. I am 67-70 kg (147-154 lbs), 1.65m (5ft4,96 in) and beginner. I am between the 3 but I want most the YES BASIC.
    YES basic 13/14
    Ride Manic
    Ride control V2
    What do you reccomend to me and what length (149cm or 152cm)?
    Thanks in advance
    chomps1211 ·
    Hey,.. Loved the interview! Nearly laughed myself into a stroke when I saw that message below mine!! Man!! Can you spot them, or what?! LoL
    Hope the heel & tree wounds are getting better!
    jaytheman ·
    Hey man I don't know if you remember but you posted a reply on my post a while ago where i asked if anyone wanted to give me their snowboarding footage for my channel. You said you had a lot of footage you can are you still willing to let me use your footage?
    Sokolovic ·
    Instead of just saying "hey you suck gtfo!" you could offer constructive criticism instead. An example of that is "your angle at (timecode here) was distracting because of XYZ. I would have done it with the camera at ABC instead because it would have shown 123 better".

    What you offered instead was a troll response.
    dk01 ·
    hey burtonavenger how are you? you helped me out awhile back with some questions and i was wondering if you could help me again?

    i have an 09 darkstar which i believe is zero camber or flat based. i'm looking to get a camber deck since i am on the east coast. i was looking at the Rome Agent. how do you think the transition will be from the Darkstar to the Agent? will there be a big learning curve. i'm very comfortable on the darkstar. i've never ridden a full camber deck so i was just curious if going with the Rome Agent or something similar is a good choice. Thanks again for all your help.

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