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  • miltyk ·
    Hey, hope all is well.

    Thank you for your post and advice on my thread! Hope your enjoying the holiday week.

    So in your opinion would the mercury be an ok board for me? Wanting a board thats well rounded I could progress on, and also able to ride switch on. Mercury is directional twin or would I be better served by the DOA or outerspace living that are true twins? or other recs

    poutanen ·
    Sorry just saw this now, glad the tips helped!!! The T-Bar is one of those things that's easy once you've done it a few times, but is a totally different style than riding a chair, many people try to "sit" on the t-bar and it's pretty hilarious... :D Enjoy the upcoming season!
    kungfulu ·
    Thanks. I got out maybe 4-5 times in the beginning of PK opening but it got a little warm. I haven't been in a couple weeks. I am going today. I will probably really pick up the weekday nights starting now. Riding is coming good. I have been working on riding switch. When I played hockey (100 years ago) my skating improved a ton when I learned to do things on my non dominate side (like power stopping). So my thought process is if I really work on riding switch my all around riding will improve. We will see. Hope you can get out at some point in time this season. Hope the back is doing better.
    poutanen ·
    Thanks Chomps! It's fun, had a blast of a wedding as you can see! Ride of my life coming down the hill in that suit! Sounds like you're finally starting to turn the corner health wise eh? Fingers crossed here! We talk about you often!
    firstx1017 ·
    Just checking in to see how you are progressing. How's the "not smoking" going - still going strong? Hope all is well and you are on the rebound soon......
    poutanen ·
    Way too busy these days! Actually stepping back from some commitments so I can focus more on patrolling, hiking, enjoying life, etc.!

    Hope the back gets feeling better soon! :D
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