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  • dreampow ·
    I love my 2013 medium restricted cartels with my size 11 shrink tech boots, a bit more flexy than the 2011 cartels though. Today I rode the 2011s because freeride was the focus. I don't know how non shrink tech would work but my guess is not as well because my boots are pretty much maxing out the straps (I have size L toe straps but the size of the whole bindings is smaller).

    If you ask Burton nicely they may hook you up. If not your best choice is to try and trade or sell the Ls and buy some meduims but try them on in a shop first.

    Hope that helps bro, killer pow session today by the way!
    NevaSummaLuva ·
    Hey bro,

    I'm in the EXACT same situation as you regarding the issue of not being able to center my Large 2013 reflex cartels. I came from 2011 mission restricted standard disks. I'm tempted to buy Medium Cartels and just use the toe caps and ladder straps from my Large cartels. How has it been working for you? Any input would be great.
    158 Never Summer SL
    K2 Maysis Size 11 double boa, NO SHRINK TECH
    dreampow ·
    Its not going to b as good as an evo, but once its broken in (takes a week of riding with NS) it is good IMO, I am no rail master, but it is easier than most decks.
    Paddy12 ·
    Hey Dreampow, i had another question about the Proto, how does it handle rails? im replacing an evo with it and i know the proto wont have the same rail capabilities as the evo but i was hoping it would still be more than capable. Thanks again
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