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  • jsil ·
    I only found one post and one person who mentioned the Vans Verse and it was you! I currently ride Vans Aura from last season (same as Aura Pro from this season) and have about 70 days on them. They are now pretty soft and I really like the fit of Vans so I was looking into the Verse. It's the only stiff double BOA in their lineup but very sparse reviews online.

    I read that you ride them with custom liners/insoles which I wouldn't be doing, but what is your take on them so far? Do you use them for resort or back country?

    toddycat ·
    Did you get the 5-5 or the 6'? I was thinking of the 5'5 ++ or the 6' +. I'm 5'9 190 +/- 10 lbs. depending on how many chips I eat vs reps in the gym on a particular week.
    F1EA ·
    I'm US11 in ThirtyTwo TM2's.

    I could center the L Drives but had to send all the way to the toe and still have a tiny bit of more heel hang than toe (less than 1/4"). Depending on your boot brand, you'll have to check for fit.

    TM2 has very reduced footprint, so probably any other boot in US11 (not Burton or Ride) will be ok with L Drives. Really... the only way to know is checking on your board and boots for fit.
    totalsiib ·
    "Cool. I got Drives today.
    Look good; quality stuff. I was debating either Burton Cartel Ltd. or the Drives... cartel M was too small, L give me too much heel hang."
    I saw this post of your on the NOW Drive thread and would like to ask you what is your boot size? I have the same problem and really interested in the drives. Thanks!
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