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  • jsil ·
    Thanks man much appreciated. I'll take your advice to heart and see what I can find. Definitely more interested in becoming a better rider than buying a better board ;)
    jsil ·
    Thanks for all your posts. I don't think I'm going to be making it to Japan this season, but wanted to inquire as to how much your boards will cost and ask your opinion on an alternative.

    Aaron fell in love with Gentemsticks on a trip over there five years ago and started shaping his own in Montana. It's pretty much a copy of the Rocket Fish.

    I can pick one up for $700... do you think that's reasonable for what I'm after? This is last season's stock (hence the discount). I believe he usually produces them in batches of 50. It has a 8.6 m tapered radius (similar to Rocket Fish). Considering my other boards were $150, $250, and $400 that one board would be almost the price of my entire quiver lol.

    Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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