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  • alx9898 ·
    Hi there!

    I made a post on the "michigan winter thread" in response to another's question. I believe the splash page said "moderator approval needed" or something to that effect. It was a longer post and I wanted to check and make sure that it's actually gone before I write it again.

    IW3200 ·
    Is there a way that my thread that was closed could be reopened? I found those few post extremely rude and unhelpful to a conversation that has real meaning me. I have a problem and was looking for help. Commercially available helmets are of no use to me as they do not fit my head and I would like to be protected when I go boarding.

    twitter ·
    I am the fucking one and only DCsnow. I am a giant tool and I wish I had friends. I think I am the greatest person on the planet. Why does no one listen to me? I wish I wasn't incontinent.

    killclimbz ·
    There is not a left and right side that I know of. They are the same. Is your split a factory or DIY model? I forget. I haven't noticed such a problem with mine, but tbh, I haven't examined them that hard. I got them on, they worked and I went with it.
    wrathfuldeity ·
    Happy New Year! I just received yesterday, Afterburners so doing the set-up today...but got a question about the touring brackets, is there a left and right side? It seems that I have 2 left sides, because when done the left bracket and binding are centered but the right bracket and binding are slightly off center to the about 2mm. Anyway am I imagining things...or is there indeed a right/left touring bracket? Also sent the question to Will. Stay safe out there and blessings for your new year...hope to meet you this year.
    Venture ·
    Hello killclimbz. Would you mind changing where it says Junior Member, to our phone number, 970.387.5078? Are you allowed to do that? If you could, we would be very grateful! Thank you if you can, and thank you if you can't!
    Clarion ·
    Hello killclimbz,
    There is a new user, louisviegos, that posted spam. Just letting you know.
    Thank you
    JVee ·
    Hey there,

    Have you ridden the 2012/13 Venture Zephyr and Unity Dominion? What did you like about the Dominion? Have you got the tip and tail widths of the Dominion? I'm actually looking for a freeride/ pow deck for Japan and have narrowed it down to these board. Both look like they have incredible construction but I'd like to know more about how these ride

    forum ·
    hey! ur a veteran mbr, so im 5,6 pretty good at boarding, will be riding groomers more than powder. What size hovercraft should i get? I would like it to last a while. Also i weigh about 140. 152, 156, 158?
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