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  • Surf n' Turf ·
    Yeah, I thought Linville Gorge may be an East Coast reference. Moving to Fort Collins this fall as my fiance got a job there and is from there, plus our long term plans were to end up back out west.

    Grew up in Asheville, but lived in San Diego for eight years after college and been back here for four. Time to check something new out again. The lady's cousins have a place in Tabernash by Winter Park, so planning on Rocky Mountain Pass.

    Any reason you would recommend 159 over 162 for me? In the past, I've gotten lucky with powder trips and hope to continue the trend, which makes me think longer (storm chasing since I'll be there and have a pass). I do like maneuverability, but have never ridden anything smaller than 160. So I'd be interested in 159 if it is recommended (I know tough to say) and definitely don't want longer than 162.

    Thanks a lot for your reviews and posts, and the time to answer! Maybe we'll catch you out there next season.
    Surf n' Turf ·
    I'm 33, about to be 34, year old, 6' 2" and 190+ lbs, with a size 11 boot. I'm in shape and very active. Solid intermediate advanced rider. I've ridden regularly in California and Colorado. I'm from Asheville, but about to move to Colorado. Traditionally ride 161 boards and have had K2s. Been really impressed with NS balance of damper (no chatter) and pop and want to grab one now to get an end of season deal.

    An all mountain board that handles powder well and also provides some pop. I don't do park, but do hit challenges from natural terrain. Do you agree on the West?

    If West, should I go with the X for the little width? And what sizing? Looking at the standard West I figure 162 (I don't want to go huge). With an X, thinking 160? If I can't find an X then maybe wait for new 2016 models later this year?
    sollerak ·
    What bindings do you have on your West?

    Considering the board after riding a Legacy for the last few seasons.

    SnowDragon ·
    Good day sir.
    Just want to send an apology about our little "tiff" regarding the IPO bindings.
    I'll chalk it up to an over-reaction on my part, and recognize that there was no malicious intent from you.

    Anyway, keep up the contributions to the forum. I appreciate your posts.


    P.S. I tried to send this as a PM but your inbox is full, FYI.
    alxmlr789 ·
    You seem to be pretty knowledgeable about a wide array of gear.

    Anyways, not sure if you saw my last post but I just scooped up a Rome Agent Rocker (2014) for 150 bucks on ebay, brand new. It was from some sports liquidator, so i just bought it.

    Anyways, its a 159. Is that too much board for my weight? I usually run from 185-190.

    Since my budget was pretty high, i can afford another board as well. I won't be on the slopes til december, but is there any other board you can pinpoint that would be worth scooping up?
    UNITD ·
    Yes exactly! Lol but seriously. I wouldn't doubt if I'm one of the only people with one. It's seriously logical to say that Option is good if one person does say it because ussually sports companies have higher end models and lower end models. Mine happens to be a higher end model. So if one person does say it, it still would make a point that option at least made some good boards am I right or wrong?
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