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  • karkis ·
    oh yah right the inside edge.... the boards I've seen from them did have a section of metal (40cms) on the inside edge, but maybe they stopped doing that... if you like the look of the board you could ask if they'll do that again for you
    the outside / snowboard edges are metal.
    jerendra ·
    Hallo Neni - Du hast Gränchen anstatt Grächen geschrieben. Da es tatsächlich ein Gränchen gibt, könnte es verwirren, vielleicht kannst Du es ja korrigieren.
    Deine Tipps sind super - cool, dass Du Dir die Zeit nimmst, die Fragen so ausführlich zu beantworten.

    Jerome (aka: jerendra)
    neni ·
    No hustle no noise
    Just me and the buddies
    Silently moving in meditative steps

    The gust of my breath
    The smell of the cold
    Reflections of light tickle my senses

    No duty no deadline
    Just us and the mountain
    Enemy and friend at the same time

    Which line is joy
    Which one is safe
    Movements and thoughts fully assembled

    Artificial demands
    left down in the valley
    Purity enwrapped in one single color
    joebloggs13 ·
    Hi neni, quick question for you. I am buying the wife a new snowboard....expanding her quiver lol....just wondering if her size 9 women's will work with a 149 women's snowboard. I haven't mounted any bindings on it, and as she is a large, I am just curious if it will work on a 149. Her other board is a 156, so width wasn't an issue. BTW the board is a YES Emoticon 149. Cheers neni!
    neni ·
    Hey Ricardo! Thanks for comming back. Glad you like the board and that the size does fit! Hope you had plenty awesome days in "our" summer time :).

    Sorry, Rafa, that I can't help with Cham... it's high on my wish list as well. You may be there before me and it's gonna be me asking you for hints :happy:
    Ricardo64 ·
    Hi Neni,

    You probably don't remember me, your opinions were a great deciding factor on me purchasing my favorite board "Jones Flagship 161" this is the first board I pack, followed by my "Jones explorer, Splitboard 159" when I head to New Zealand for my annual snow fix.


    rafavilardo ·
    Hi Neni!
    Sorry to disturb you but I always read your posts and I saw that you ride mostly in Europe (as you live there heheh). I am planing a trip to Chamonix in the end of December and I would like to know if you already been there and what do you think about the 'mountain'.

    Really appreciate your help.

    chomps1211 ·
    I love that shot you have up on your profile page. Wish you would build and post an album with some of those in full rez! The lines in that shot are just awesome. I've no doubt we would all love to see more of 'em! :)
    chomps1211 ·
    Congrats neni! That defend pic was one of the weirdest and strangely disturbing pics I've seen in a while! :eusa_clap: :laugh: well done!
    neni ·
    Some background: Weekend warrior, ~40 days a season, total days ~500.
    60% BC/SC: up to 4ft fresh (Alps), up to 55° steeps (AK - wohooo! :yahoo:)
    40% groomers: carving, charge. Nothing playful. Edit: and clumsily learning to ride switch :rolleyes:
    Skill level: good enough to make it down everywhere but not good enough to make it with style :)
    Boards I've owned: F2 Delaney, Sims nocluewhichmodel / Burton Balance / Scott Radius all 157ish, Burton Custom X 147, Palmer Liberty Carbon 157, Ride Farah 153, Rad Air Jewel 159.5, Volkl Savvy 146, Jones: Solution 156/152, Mothership 156, and Flagship men's 158/154 and women's 152
    Go to stick now: Jones Flagship and Solution 152
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