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  • icecoastbeast ·
    Hey man, much thanks for suggesting the Rome Pow Div MT. Go to try out my new 157 few days ago in some great conditions and you weren't wrong. This thing is a beast and by far the most fun board I own. Carves like a champ and makes woods so damn easy and fun to ride. I mean moguls were fun, and I fucking hate moguls. I hope they keep this one in production because I love the thing. Thanks for the input!
    korbo ·

    I've been lurking through the forums and saw you mentioning good things about the 2018 Ride Wildlife on a few occasions. I was hoping you could answer a few questions I have about the board. I'm looking for a board that can carve up groomers and send off of medium sized jumps. I probably spend 80% of the time on groomers and 20% in the park.

    - Would you consider it as a 'quiver of one' kind of all mountain freestyle board?
    - How well would it carve in the east coast's icy hardpack?
    - Off the top of your head, what other boards would fit the bill here? I was considering the Yes Greats and Jackpot.

    Cheers and thanks for your time.
    UNIQL ·

    I've seen, that you are extremely experienced about snowboard bindings and would like to ask a question, if you don't miind. So I've bought a Ride LTD 2018 bindings, and would like to use it with different boards to ride freestyle and in the backcountry as well. But after some reading online, I got confused, that I made a bad choice with the Ride. My biggest concern is the Aluminium chassey, which is so rigid, it creates a huge dead spot under the bindings and decreases the flex of the board. I've come to this concern, because of Burton's PR with Re:Flex and EST technologies, and I cannot decide if it is just a hype or a real thing. Another concern for me is, everyone using composite except Ride, and the only pro of the alu, that I can see is the durability. I imagine, that with a stiffer board this rigidness is not an issue, but with a flex board won't it be a problem? Do you think, that I should switch to Burton Cartel's?

    Snowbeard ·
    Hey there,
    I'm just getting ready to pick up a Westmark Camber for park this upcoming season. What binding selections would you recommend? Top 5 choices? Thanks!
    SoCalBoarder1 ·
    Hey dude you appear to be the resident board guru here. Need some advice.

    I have a 13 burton aftermath 152. Love the board, need something with more float on deeper days because my rear leg got killed last powder day. Any suggestions? flight attendant seems like the choice but I want to stay around 152-154.

    5"7 170, size 10 boots, forward stance, some switch, powerful rider. If your familiar with Mammoth mountain need something that say bomb down cornice and hit forrest trail park at the bottom on non powder days, but on powder days need good float thanks.

    If you're ever in socal a beer on me.
    t21 ·
    Hey Nivek, since you are the only certified board tester here besides BA (where is he?), i would like to know if you could tell me the weight ranges of the Niche snowboards particularly the 156-158 cm Story? I ride the 159 Rossi One and i weigh between 200-210 lbs and it just works for me. I know the Niche has a different profile from Rossi but I like the idea of having two different boards on my quiver. I ride pretty much all mountain though i do not really do park but i try to learn some simple ground tricks(presses,butters). Thanks and have a good day.
    ek9max ·
    Hey man. Just looking for a binding recommendation for the new Burton Antler Camber version.

    I'm a loser that like expensive things so I'm leaning towards the Diodes (don't like the base) for the antler. Are they too stiff for the Antler?

    Thank you!
    Nivek ·
    Honestly unless you're looking for a binding that feels like a highback but does still has one don't get the new RK. That highback is uselessly soft. The old one is awesome and will pair pretty damn will with the Villain. Bulky boot, Med. Lower volume, Small.
    jwin ·
    Hey Nivek, you previously helped me with my Salomon Villain dilemna. I was wondering if you could shed some of your insight on Flux RK bindings. So I was wondering if the 2015 RK bindings softer than the RK30's or if they were pretty much the same? Also, I am a size 7 boot, and i am in between sizes with Flux's small and medium. I was wondering what would you recommend binding size? I am pairing this with the Rome Artifact Rocker. Thank you for you help!!
    Frozen ·
    Thanks for calling me an idiot. I really think that's great. Thanks for that. I wasn't trying to fuck anyone around when I called CR shitty. I still think it is, I just wanted some honest feedback. Thanks for not being honest and not saying what CR board you're gonna ride this year bud.
    Drevlin ·
    Hi Nivek,

    I heard that you have ridden the new Echelon 2015 boards. I was wondering what's your overall impression on them, particularly the Necromancer and Overlord. How's the stability, pop, buttering, jobbing, carving, flex, etc? Is this a board you recommend to others?

    Thanks in advance!
    nisteffen ·
    I saw that you posted on the pro rice vs the NS HD, and commented that you think both boards are overpriced. What would be a similar board that's cheaper, or even a board that you'd prefer, and is in the same price range? Thanks man
    Elektropow ·
    Yo Nivek,

    Have read you recommending the Nitro Blacklight (camber) to a few people for all mountain charging and carving ability. It seems like a lively enough but still pretty damp ride, from what I've gathered. I'm interested whether you think it eats icy chop well. Surely not the best damp blank out there, but if I want a bit of maneuverability and pop as well, do you think it's a good combination of the hot stuff? A good deal on it that I'm thinking about jumping on.

    Thanks so much in advance.
    JVee ·
    Hey Nivek,

    Just wanted to know if you have ridden or had experience with Trapper or Unity. Interested in the Unity Kapow and Trapper Howler. Any info would be appreciated
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