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  • chomps1211 ·
    Wanted to thank you for your many posted tips on using the T-Bar! I remembered them and Aced my first time riding one @ the top of Copper! Stoked I didn't embarrass myself on the bloody thing! :D ;)
    chomps1211 ·
    Hey Pout,..! Realized I hadn't popped in to check your profile page in a while. Love the "Top Hat and Tux" image you're using here. That's a great shot!! How's married life treating you, btw? You and the little missus getting out to ride together? Cheers! :D
    ZeMax ·
    Hi Poutanen saw a fairly old thread where you were asking for custom topsheet. Ask Bruce at he could most likely print custom topsheet. Oh and he makes killer custom boards too. Like some of the boys keep saying: hard to justify paying 1000+ for Virus,Kessler,Oxxess when we have Bruce in the backyard.
    chomps1211 ·
    Dude!! What's the deal? I fully expected a retort of "You're Bloody Well Right" in the Intro thread! Lol! You're slackin!! (...newlywed life gotchoo busier than expected?) ;) lol :laugh:

    Congrats again on the nuptials, new digs and Patrol gig! :thumbsup:
    chomps1211 ·
    :thumbsup:HEY DUDE! You should make an album with all those great shots from your wedding and honeymoon! I'm sure your visitors would love to see them! Juss' Sayin'! ;) :D
    chomps1211 ·
    Hey, I thought I'd send you this link in case you haven't been back to the "Belt" thread.
    Everything you need for the suspenders!

    Walking Boss Button Suspenders

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