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  • Sang Soo Lim ·
    Hello WiredSport rep!

    I saw that you were assisting with advising people whether their bootsizes are correct by measuring their foot. I was wondering if you could do the same! I see that you guys have a great online shop as well.

    I've followed your instructions and my length is 25.3 - 25.6cm and width is 9.1 - 9.4cm. 25.4cm says i should be size 7.5 but 25.6cm says i should be size 8.0. for both cases, width seem to fall under D. Would you say I should go for size 8.0 in this case?

    Would the burton step-ons (ion or photon) be a good fit?

    I've previously had Burton Ruler for 3 years (US 7.5) (with regular binding, non step-on) and had very bad experience on mountain. it was causing my foot and leg to cramp badly due to blood draining feeling - there was something on the top of my feet that was pressing very hard down on it.

    so I'm wondering whether I should go with US 8.0 ion this time.

    Any advice will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance and looking forward to hear from you :)
    sliberty03 ·
    Hi man, I'm new to the forum and going through it seems you are very knowledgeable. I'm an intermediate rider and just got my first setup. Burton Process Flying-V Board with Burton Mission EST bindings. I've been going back and forth between two boots I bought to decide which to keep and was wondering if you are familiar with either and have an opinion as to which to go with between the Burton Swath Boa or Adidas Response ADV Boa.

    charliefreeman ·
    Thanks for your help. I uploaded my images to Imgur, but whenever I try to link them to the forum nothing happens. I've done this before other forums without issues, so don't know what's going on here. This work?

    Tom Wilson ·
    Thanks for the advice on boots - i eventually managed to get hold of a pair of Salomon Dialogue Wide boots over in europe, which is one of the ones you recommended. They sure feel snug - verging on too snug but i'm guessing this is normal with fresh out the box boots and heat molding will probably help. but mainly just saying thanks for the help - very much appreciated.
    Boomer182 ·
    Hi Wiredsport,
    You replied to my post about boot fitting a few days back. I took your advice and returned the Burtons. I went to a local ski/snowboard shop and ended up getting a ThirtyTwo Prion boot in a 9.5. The width feels amazing, I know for sure I have the right boot for the width of my foot. I had the boots molded in the shop with toe caps. I tried the boots on today (a few days after getting them) and when standing upright or when walking my toes are firmly pushing against the toe (not curling). Is this normal? I've heard that my toes should be "brushing" the toe cap. Should I go back and try on a 10? When I'm in my riding stance my toes slide back so that I'm not really making any contact with the toe cap at all. It's just when walking I'm feeling a firm pressure. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance
    Nick Norton ·
    I could not get my account to work so I just created this second account to reach out. I ride Never Summer Proto and GNU Psych Bindings. Last season, I purchased some 9.5 Nike Vapen boots. They were BRUTAL on the outside of the front of each foot. I tried a pair of K2 Darkos but I had the same issue. I loved the fit of the nikes otherwise so I grabbed a pair of Nike Vapen Boas in a 10 for this season. I was still having issues but this time it was with some slight heel lift. When I got home, I tried on the 9.5 pair again but it felt like my foot was folding in half in the toe box. I properly measured my foot and I should probably be in a wide boot. I found a pair of Solomon Dialogue Wides in a 9.5 on clearance so I purchased them. They should arrive next week. I was unable to get photos posted but the measurements were 25.8cm length and 10.5cm width. Do you think that the Dialogues will be a solid choice?
    nothingbutadam ·

    Would appreciate your advice if that's OK as you really seem to understand proper boot sizing- happy to post in to a thread if that's the preferred route?

    Feet are 278 (R) / 280 (L) and exactly 11cm / 4.33 inches wide. I went for (and currently still have) both the 32 lashed (as to suggestions they are wider) and the salomon dialogue wide in 275 (think I was under-measuring my feet before by using a pen pointed inwards). The toe box of the 32s feels nicer, the width of the salomons feels better.. both feel very tight though. Had to remove the salomons after 30mins as even with loosening the straps they were beginning to hurt a bit.. especially in the toes when moving them up and down. I dont suppose you could advise whether 4.33 inches means I'd be better off with Burton Ruler wides? Or would the salomon dialogues be fine if I moved up to 280s - presuming here that width increases incrementally with each shoe size up?

    Any help appreciated! Thanks!

    rmc983 ·
    Hi Wiredsport, came across your great advice in the boot sizing forums here. So I may just be SOL for having extremely wide feet and a small foot. In length I measure at about 222 mondo but width I'm at about 10cm. Per the advice of my first boot fitter, I had only tried on a few Burton models as he said these were typically wider. I ended up going with a Burton Mint in Women's 6.5. I've since been told that Burtons are typically narrower so I will definitely try on a variety before my next purchase. I've had my Mint's heat molded twice and even stretched since originally purchasing them but still experience a lot of pain that I believe is mostly from the width fit. However, it doesn't look like anyone makes a wide boot at my size, any suggestions?
    Tdubb ·
    You have been trying to assist me with boot sizing. I have measure my foot at 10.75 inches or 27.3 on mondopoint. Which as you have told me would be a 9.5. However there is now way I will fit into a 9.5. I wear an 11 shoe and tried a pair of 10's (k2 boots). And my toes were touching the end wearing thin ankle socks. This is really starting to confuse me and I will have to order my boots online more than likely and was think 10.5, but now you have me re thinking. Thanks again for your help
    karlmalone1 ·
    Hi there, been reading your posts on wide boots and have a question for you. My feet measure 10.8125 inches in length and 4.3125 in width. According to the scale, I am a 9.5 (but just on the line of a 9.5). I am afraid that while this will fit perfectly in length, my toes could sometimes scrunch forward on toeside turns and such. Would going to a 10 length be a bad move or what would you recommend? Secondly, as per my width, would the Burton Ruler Wide be a good fit? For reference, I wear a size 10.5 Burton SLX right now. They are a bit snug in width but nothing painful over the course of the day. And obviously a bit too long but they work well for now. I am just a bit sad that I have to lose response stiffness going from the SLX to the Ruler Wide. Thanks for the help!
    Clevocapri ·
    Hi mate,

    Now ive been looking for a US11 or a mondo 29 Salomon Synapse Wide.

    I cant find any in Australia, or US, so ive turned to Ebay... Now I cant get a consistant size!

    This is what Ive found. It seems the European sellers (one from England, another from Italy) have this as there guide.

    So is it best to go by the mondo number and disregard the UK and US numbers?

    I have contacted them but have had no reply yet.


    Flyinlow ·
    Hi there, I was wondering if you would be willing to help out a new person. I just completed my first lesson and day of snowboarding and would like to look into purchasing my own gear. I may need to get dome for my son as well.

    I am hoping you can give me some direction on boots, boards, etc...

    Tziminhio ·
    Hi dear friend.
    I am a begginer at snowboard and I need your help. I red many articles and and I was confused. According to bootsizer, the number I have to put on boots is 37 (Eu) according to my foot lenght but I remember the 4 times I rode last year I was putting larger bu I am not so sre. I would like to suggest me some boots and of course the suitable number. My right foot has 24cm length and 9,5 width and the left one 23,5cm length and 9,5 width and the shoe size is 40-41 depends on kind of shoes.
    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards!
    Bertieman ·
    Hola wired! I'm curious what you can recommend for aching/slight pain in arch of your foot when you ride? This usually happens when I am in glades or really pushing myself. I'm guessing there is some type of foot support that would work? Thanks.
    kcelsius ·

    I saw you giving advice to some people about board width. I'm looking into purchasing and it looks like you've got some knowledge. :)

    So generally, I wear a size 10.5/11 shoe (Nike). I'm 5'10", 170lbs. I measured my foot and it's 27.44cm. I know as far as shoe size, I'm in that range where I may need a wide board but I'm not sure. The two boards I'm looking at are the Never Summer Proto HD and Burton Custom Flying V. Any advice you can give me? I didn't know where to find the measurement where the bindings sit, all you see usually is waist width.
    thejangster1 ·
    Hey wiredsports,
    I am interested in purchasing some grayne goggles. I have a relatively small asian face. Which goggles would fit me better, the GTO or the Canyon? Thank you for your help.
    Rustyyy ·

    Someone off the forums referred me over to you to find a pair of boots that fit my feet. I’m currently using DC Status Travis Rice’s and experiencing issues with the Boa’s coming undone and heel lift. Boa serviced the boots but I’m still not happy with the fitment and heel issues.

    Here are my stats:
    Typical Shoe size: 9.5 Width: D-2E
    Length: 10 7/16”
    Width: 4 1/4”
    Heel: 2 7/16”

    Please see the attached diagram.
    All measurements have subtracted 3/32” for pen stroke when i measured my foot.

    Can you recommend a boot that would work for me? I’ve been looking into K2 Ender, Nike LuneEndor’s and Nitro Selects.

    Thank you,
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