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  • jon ·
    Hi there,

    I'm interested in buying the snowboard package from your website but would like to get some feedback first.

    I am about 5'6 160lb and my shoe size (sperry's) is 7.5.

    Which size board would you recommend and which boot size should I purchase? this is my first time purchasing a snowboard and would like to get your input.

    sporty9xterra ·
    I've been riding for a few years but only get to go on 1-3 trips a year. I have been to big sky, crystal mtn, lake tahoe and goign to whistler this year. I've been all over western US rockies basically. I prefer riding in powdery conditions but i think that might be my board bc i can ride more aggressively. I have a K2 illusion 06. I like playing in the rough terrain- ungroomed moguls etc if its fresh powder, some trees but I've never dabbled in the park. I'd consider myself a lower level advanced rider. I'm looking to upgrade my board this year. I've seen mixed reviews for just about every board- I just want a good all mountain that can handle powder if it exists turns easy, so I can hit trees/moguls/ungroomed but since icy conditions have been more common than snowy past few yrs in colorado i need a decent edge i guess. i was looking at a k2 raygun, k2 turbo dream, a rep on dog funk recommended lib tech banana skate.. any suggestions? im 5-9 175 w 10 boot
    Adoggs13 ·
    I saw some of your posts and you obviously know what you are talking about so was wondering if you give me some info so I can decide on a board.
    I am a beginner, didnt go for years, but last year went twice and was pretty decent.
    I am 6'1" between 180-185 with size 11 boots; going to be in NY and NJ mostly.

    Boards I'm looking at (in order of interest)

    Rome Garage Rocker 159 $210 with 30% off..Cheapest but good review.
    Ride Crush 157w or 159w $230
    Ride Antic $200
    Others I saw...
    Forum Conflict 2011, 157. Pro board. Stiff. Maybe not good to start with but good board $210
    Forum Manual 159 $200
    Forum Recon 158w $195
    Forum Scallywag 158 $227
    Ride Agenda 159 $200

    NickShake ·
    Actually you helped me out just by telling me to email you lol. I havent logged into my email for a while and found the order number. Thanks again!
    NickShake ·
    Hey I just bought a flow quantum 2012 off your website. But I was lazy when I bought it and I didn't create an account. I lost the order number but I did order it using Paypal. Is there anyway I can get the order number back so I can track the shipping on my board? Thanks in advanced, Nick.
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