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  1. Ninja Suit + Impact Shorts?

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    But in the long run...learn how to fall. Yup a person can learn how to fall, long before even seeing snow. Impact shorts ain't going to help prevent breaking wrist, arms, collar bones, fingers. Personally I think beginner snowboard lessons should start with learning how to fall...before even...
  2. Just a chill chat

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    Its Sunday, probably first open heather side and then white the rumor. Plan is to do Mon or Tues or if they shut it down...tour up to AP
  3. Just a chill chat

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    Welcome to my world...frickn haven't even gotten day 1
  4. Just a chill chat

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  5. Help me keep or return my Orca

    Beware...the Orca ate Jonah and 3 days later got spit out...Jonah subsequently repented his former ways.
  6. Snowboard Boot Instep Top Pressure Point

    Use a bench sander and sand a tad off the bottom of the insole, even just 1-2mm can be a significant difference. But heat mould the liner first...and when you the following: 1 Put a piece of self-adhevisve boot fitting foam on top of the hot spot. Size it a tad bigger than the hot...
  7. how soon after learning to snowboard did yall do rails, boxes, jumps etc

    Its been 17 years and have only done a few rails and boxes...but I didn't start til being 44 and now our little hill doesn't even have rails or boxes.
  8. broke my scaphoid bone when should i snowboard again?

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    Just watch the swelling, you don't want yer arm to swell in a restricted cast causing some circulation issues...but perhaps you have a removable/adjustable/air bladder cast.
  9. Broken Wrist and Riding.

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    Presuming you have a half cast, let the swelling go down, put a plastic bag over the whole thing and wear yer mom's oven mitt...the new silicon ones would work great and just do some mellow cruising. As a kid, broken both wrists (not at the same time) from biking and with in a couple of weeks...
  10. 6' 255lbs mellow rider what board do I need?

    Its not a board profile issue. It is a technique/skills issue. So you are on a traditional cambered board. All you have to do is have a netural body stacking and alignment...AND SLIGHTLY WEIGHT THE NOSE...this works for the squirrlies, for riding flat cat tracks and flat-basing. On a CRC or...
  11. 6' 255lbs mellow rider what board do I need?

    OP, also consider a S profile board, with some mild rocker in the nose and moderate traditional (mid flex) camber under foot and in the tail. The S profile will give you float for that stuff in Whitefish and give you easy going and predictable camber for your freeriding aspects. Ime experience...
  12. Tips on Ice?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    A thing to think about, is on ice, don't try to turn more than what your radius allows. Or in other words don't try to turn too much or get too transverse of the fall can tell when this happens in that your board will get skippy. Meaning that you are overpowering the edge and its...
  13. Feedback on my progression

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    It looks fine and adequate for what your are riding...that is, boring green groomers. It would be more telling if your were riding more challenging steeper, technical natty, bumps, trees and etc. Thus not much feedback to be given. Are you comfortable at buzzing through the...
  14. Amputee advice.

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hey Welcome! Our resident expert paging... @essie52 Idk if anything in the below thread would help but here is.
  15. Tips on Ice?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Billy watch Xavier's vids in the link below