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      thats a good point, I read it as he wanted to "splurge" if I was looking to stack rank areas to spend dollars I'd go

      1. boots
      2. goggles
      3. board
      4. Bibs
      5. Binding
      6. jacket
      This is a great recommendation, boots and googles are extremely important and I would splurge more on them compared to other gear.

      Boots is individual fit, so you need to try it on. Make sure to read the articles about boot fit and get your Mondo size. Boots should fit tight with your toes touching the tip at rest (toes will pull back in snowboarding stance with your knees and ankles flexed). It should not have weird hotspots or be uncomfortable when you first buy. Boots may pack out over time so better slightly tighter fit. Can heatmold the boots at the shop for a better fit before you leave.

      Googles I highly recommend Anon line like the M4 because you can get magnetic facemask. It is a great system as you don't need a separate baclava or neck warmer. Baclavas sometimes has issues with fit or fogging up your goggles but the magnetic face mask really prevents goggle fogging compared to a separate piece. Anon M4 Goggles (Toric) + Bonus Lens + Face Mask | Anon Optics Winter 2023 There is a low nose bridge version too. Cylindrical vs Toric lens is personal preference, Toric is pricer I think (I have Torric).

      As a beginner, if you aren't riding in rain, don't get 3L gear!! That is much more expensive to be more lightweight geared towards backcountry. You will be fine with 2L gore-tex or other equivalents.

      Highly recommend bibs over pants, especially if beginner and may fall a bit more. Pricing isn't that far off. Really prevents snow from getting into base layers.

      I don't think you need lower leg baselayers unless you ride somewhere super cold as legs usually stay warm due to all the activity. If needing it, get the three quarters base layers so it doesn't overlap with your snowboarding socks.

      Snowboarding socks, I really like Darn Tough. I have Function 5 socks that have a bit of padding for more comfort. Men's Function 5 Over-the-Calf Midweight Ski & Snowboard Sock

      Get merino wool base layer! It makes riding much more comfy and no odor. I have SmartWool Crew but other wellpriced options from Icebreaker and a lot of other brands. Men's Classic Thermal Merino Base Layer Crew | Smartwool®

      Midlayer you can save money here. A simple fleece works well for most conditions. Don't need anything too fancy. Polyester fleece that is breathable. Patangoina as some premium options. I have a cheaper Kuhl Interceptr.

      Outermost layer can go with shell or lightly insulated depending on how you want to layer. Arm passpocket, pit zips, inner warmer phone pocket, extra outer chest pocket, powder skirts are all nice features to have. Articulated vs integrated hoods are a personal preference (I like articulated hoods where you have a separate hood and the collar can go all the way up without causing the hood to ride up).

      Gloves vs Mittens are personal preference. Mittems are warmer but less dexterity. Also Trigger finger style gloves. Some have pockets for handwarmers that you can also use as a passpocket. Touchscreen compatibility is really nice as well. A high end option is Hestra is you want to splurge.

      Also, you should look into protective gear if you're a beginner and may fall a bit. Burton impact shorts, Black Diamond Telekneesis knee pads, and wrist guards (I use Level gloves with small wrist guards), but may want something more protective until you learn to fall without outstretching your hands.

      End of season sales are really great, a lot of discounts to be found. There are some dedicated lower price sale sites like Moosejaw and Mountainsteals.
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      Burton Custom '21, Name Dropper '21, Nidecker Supermatic, Burton Genesis, Flow NX2, Adidas Acerra
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      Has anyone said that those goggles are $1400 because its a pack with 9 lenses 2 masks and a bunch of other crap?

      A basic M4 toric frame/bright/low light/mask combo is $320 MSRP.
      Good catch!! Ya, you only need a regular lens and low light lens, that pro kit is way overkill. Some people add a sunny lens if they have a lot of bright bluebird days but regular lens usually covers that as well.

      Link to M4 toric lens $320: Anon M4 Goggles (Toric) + Bonus Lens + Face Mask | Anon Optics Winter 2023

      Link to cylindrical lens version: Anon M4 Goggles (Cylindrical) + Lens + Face Mask | Anon Optics Winter 2023

      There is also a small fit version and low nose bridge version. Probably try on in store to see what fits best.
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