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      Riding ice and man made to me says no rocker dominant anything, kill that NS.
      Alchemist is good, but that nose is a little soft for big bois in my opinion.
      XV to me is a pretty dedicated freeride board. I know there are people that ride it every day, but the characteristics for me don't scream only board situation.
      Banked Country could work. It's a stiff boi for sure though.
      FA is a snowboard, it's ok. Never been a standout for me.
      I would look at the Arbor Bryan Iguchi, Nidecker Espace Plus, Jones Flagship, Lib Tech Dynamo. All solid for your conditions to ride every day for the kind of riding you're after.
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      I would recommend riding it some first then make a decision based on if the backslash is lacking something. Friend of mine has a backslash that he took to Utah last year after being on normal twin, all mountain boards his whole life and loved the backslash.
      Thanks, ya I'll probably do that. I don't know it well enough to know if there's a gaping hole in what it can/cant do so I was hoping to have a backup plan. It does seem well rounded enough to handle DD tasks until then I guess.

      I second riding your Backslash a bit before choosing another, you'll have a much more precise idea of what it lacks for you, what kind of ride you're not satisfied with etc.

      Right now it seems like you will want something to carve at high speed (a Korua, an Amplid, a BSOD). But give your current board a bit of riding and you'll narrow that down: more twinish? Better at freeride too? Pure groomer slasher? You'll get the answer after a while!
      Thanks! I've had my eye on a couple from Korua and Amplid.

      Might depend on what your Backslash doesn't do that you wish it did.

      But boards I would personally pair with it based on your riding
      Bataleon Whatever X, Rome Ravine, Rome Stale Crewzer, K2 Instrument, Arbor Guch
      I will look into these, thank you.

      I have the backslash 148 and the dancehaul 152, definitely some overlap but enough difference in flex and pop to tell the difference, tough choice, I like the dancehaul more for a daily, but the backslash is too good to sell
      I almost want to get a dancehaul "for my wife" just so I have it as an option too lol
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      From your list I like the Freaker. I wouldn't really call the Berzerker "nimble", maybe the Algorythm, Deep Thinker updated to Carbon Hylights since I last rode it, but I was never that psyched on the shape and had better experiences on the Hometown Hero if you go Burton. Merc certainly aint a bad option but for your use case and specifically looking for something more nimble or reactive, I actually think you'd get on really well with the Mega option. And I finally it wouldn't be this forum if I didn't make it harder for you by adding more options... Nerd Superposition, Arbor Guch, Lib EJack, K2 Passport

      The Superposition if you aren't super concerned about your switch performance and you wanna bomb shit and still be able to carve like your Korua, Ejack for the same but if switch performance is a deal breaker (not as good a carver though). The Passport or Guch for general all mountain/freeride. The Freaker for something spicy, and the Mega Merc for that extra responsive and reactive performance that you can still butter and play around on a bit. Probably that or the Algorythm as well if you want a traditional one board quiver killer kind of feel.

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