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  1. Never Summer Assault longboard???

    Off Season Recreation
    I bought last year's model a few months ago. Absolutely love it!!!
  2. 2010/11 NS Board Binding Combo

    Snowboard Reviews
    Hey Vince, Here's the pic I promised you.
  3. Anyone Tried Freeline Skates?

    Off Season Recreation
    PBR, Yusoweird, You guys have the right idea starting on a slight hill. Soon riding flats will seem effortless! Just keep practicing and building those leg muscles. Once you feel comfortable on flats make sure you start practicing uphill. That's what will strengthen you muscles and teach you to...
  4. Anyone Tried Freeline Skates?

    Off Season Recreation
    Yeah i've had dozens of falls on my Freelines. Mostly from hitting small sticks or rocks in my path that i didn't see. It's definitely a dangerous sport, but that's what i'm into i guess.:dunno: Pads are a great idea, but if you don't get full pads, I recommend wearing wrist guards or slide...
  5. Beginner Longboard?

    Off Season Recreation
    Ouch! You definitely need to practice foot braking so you don't get too fast and out of your comfort zone. Also, instead of just tightening your trucks, you should look into some bushings that would better suit your weight. Bushings are the cheapest component and they allow for infinite ride...
  6. Beginner Longboard?

    Off Season Recreation
  7. Beginner Longboard?

    Off Season Recreation
    NS is on top of the tech just like their snowboards! ie: p-tex nose and tail bumpers, rubber damping over the trucks, best fiberglass in the biz, and of course a 3 year warranty! I bought my 09 NS Assault from for $156 shipped!
  8. Freebording, Longboarding and Surfing

    Off Season Recreation
    I have never surfed, but IT IS the original sport from which all other board sports evolved, so probably the most free feeling of all. However, I do longboard and it does feel a lot like snowboarding(if you have the right board). Carving on my Loaded Dervish(flexy board made for carving)feels...
  9. Beginner Longboard?

    Off Season Recreation
    For your price range i'd say check out last years models of Never Summer boards. Also EarthWing, BC Longboards, Bustin, and Kracked Skulls all make great affordable boards! I have last year's Never Summer Assualt and Loaded Dervish and love them both! Might i recommend the EarthWing supermodel...
  10. Balance board?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    IMO the Indoboard is a better balance trainer than the Vew-do simply because it allows for infinite movement, whereas, the Vew-do has the groove that holds the board in place. It's extremely fun busting out tricks trying to one up your buddies on the Indoboard. I recommend the package that...
  11. Anyone Tried Freeline Skates?

    Off Season Recreation
    Keep at it man! You'll get better everytime you ride them. Soon you'll be bombing the gnarliest hills you can find!
  12. Colorado Boarders!

    Meets and Events
    This man speaks the truth!:)
  13. Best 10/11 R.C. PARK BOARD ?

    Hopefully Saturday...I'll be there if so!!!
  14. Goggle Choices

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Splice! Although I tried on the EG2s and your peripheral vision is nearly unaffected. Amazing! But I wanted Oakley's HI yellow lens. I really do love my Splices. Super comfy and they don't pinch my nose like the Crowbars did.
  15. Thinking of starting Freeboarding

    Off Season Recreation
    I've been wanting to try Freebording ever since I got my Freeline Skates back in '06. It looks so rad on hills, but I can't get over the inability to ride on flats. It would still be sick to try!
  16. Can't decide which season pass to buy in CO for 10/11

    General Travel Forum
    I totally agree with Kill. I was also talking about the punks that ride Key/Breck that I haven't experienced elsewhere. For example, the last 3 times we went to Keystone we had a problem with someone on the mtn. First, a teenage skier ran directly into my gf's back while she was stapping in. He...
  17. How To Practice Balance on Dry Land Besides Skateboarding

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    I definitely agree with an Indoboard(best balance board imo...can use roller or cushion), Freeline Skates(makes you better at all board sports), longboarding(feels more like snowboarding than a short board), and lifting weights. Also try slacklining. It's amazing for the core and also builds...
  18. Can't decide which season pass to buy in CO for 10/11

    General Travel Forum
    Here's another vote for Loveland! My gf and I had a pass there last year but went with the Colorado Pass(5mtn) this year. We've got 30 days so far this season and are really tired of the traffic and crowds that are at the bigger resorts(excluding A Basin). We've actually bought 4packs to...
  19. 9/11 conspiracy thoughts?

    The Political Wilderness
    I also watched Loose Change and 9/11 In Plane Sight in 2005/06 and felt the most empty helpless feeling i had ever experienced! Damn I wish I hadn't seen this thread cause now those bad feelings are coming back:(
  20. type of wax everyone has been using..

    Purl works great!
1-20 of 40 Results