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  1. Boots
    I just received my new adidas tactical ADV boots in the mail. I had to order them online as all the stores were out of stock in my area. My feet measure exactly 28.5cm so I ordered size 10.5. There is a pretty decent amount of pressure on my toe with when standing straight, my toe falls...
  2. Bindings
    Was long overdue for a new setup, so I balled out and got a 157 NS Type Two, M/L Katana Bindings and 10.5 ThirtyTwo's. Problem is, the Katana's seem too small for my boots. I have the heel cup set all the way back, and the straps lengthened almost all the way, and the toe strap only gets a few...
  3. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey guys this is my first post. Love the forum. I bought these boots last year with the intention of riding them this season but I'm moving to Hawaii so i doubt I'll need them haha. They come with matching little Russian dolls, you know the ones that stack inside eachother. Good decoration...
1-3 of 3 Results