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  1. NEED RECOMMENDATIONS! Planning the 'Perfect Winter'.

    General Travel Forum
    Hi guys, I'm planning the 'Perfect Winter'. 3 Months of travel and snowboarding... I'd like to hit up Japan, Europe AND USA/Canada... Obviously there are hundreds of resorts within these areas... but in order to maximise the best POW I need your help in recommending what resort at what time...
  2. Replacing my beloved Burton T6

    Hi all, I'm looking to replace my Burton T6 snowboard. I'm on the slopes for about 2 weeks a year and I'm not into funparcs. I'm the only snowboard in my group, so I have to catch up with the skieers :dry: That means that I'm mostly (say:95% of the time) ride on-piste and ride at a relatively...
  3. A big problem with snowboarding

    Okay so, a few months ago my professor told me to do some research on something that interests me and a problem that people have in that activity. So naturally I chose snowboarding and I thought that this would probably be the best site to go to for information from other snowboarders. I'm...
  4. received snowboard, need help on decision

    hey, I have been going snowboarding about 3-4 times past 2 years, always renting here in SoCal. anyway, a friend gave me an old board that he had been using. It is a Morrow Source 159cm ( I am 5'11, boot size 11, 200lb ) It looks preety beat up. I don't know anything about this brand or board...