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  1. General Travel Forum
    Hi guys, I'm planning the 'Perfect Winter'. 3 Months of travel and snowboarding... I'd like to hit up Japan, Europe AND USA/Canada... Obviously there are hundreds of resorts within these areas... but in order to maximise the best POW I need your help in recommending what resort at what time...
  2. Boards
    Hi all, I'm looking to replace my Burton T6 snowboard. I'm on the slopes for about 2 weeks a year and I'm not into funparcs. I'm the only snowboard in my group, so I have to catch up with the skieers :dry: That means that I'm mostly (say:95% of the time) ride on-piste and ride at a relatively...
  3. Blog
    Okay so, a few months ago my professor told me to do some research on something that interests me and a problem that people have in that activity. So naturally I chose snowboarding and I thought that this would probably be the best site to go to for information from other snowboarders. I'm...
  4. Boards
    hey, I have been going snowboarding about 3-4 times past 2 years, always renting here in SoCal. anyway, a friend gave me an old board that he had been using. It is a Morrow Source 159cm ( I am 5'11, boot size 11, 200lb ) It looks preety beat up. I don't know anything about this brand or board...
1-4 of 4 Results